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Let's just see if I'm able to answer any questions here, if anyone asks any… they probably won't but who knows!


8. Some Total Drama Questions

As a huge Total Drama fan, I'm going to answer questions commonly asked by members kg the fandom.

Q: Favourite character

A: Noah! He's the single most funny character on the show with his sarcastic tone and to me he's the most relatable character

Q: Least Favourite character

A: Courtney! I can't stand her bitch ass constantly complaining and how she believes that she's so perfect, I loved the bit in that episode where when she complains about being unfairly voted off the contestants claim that they didn't see it, especially when Eva said. "Didn't see it, don't care." Honestly, she's just a whiney brat and is part of the reason season 2 sucked so much

Q: Favourite season

A: WORLD TOUR! Not only was it the funniest, introduced the BEST ANTAGONIST (sorry Mal fans) and brought back best contestant. It was just so sweet to see them in different places so there's more variety to what they can do and the choices aren't restricted for having to stay in the one place. Also I expected the musical numbers to suck! Sure there are a few duds but the good ones are team good! Though it did make me question how sadistic Chris was getting. (He shoved a kid off a cliff and that was one of the minor things he did). A lot of people complained about the whole Gwen and Duncan thing. I didn't mind it, I liked how it knocked Courtney off her high horse. And did I mention how funny this season was?

Q: Least favourite season

A: Action. No this is not because it doesn't have best contestant, he wasn't my favourite at the time. This just falls flat on many reasons. First off, they just assembled all the well known characters and just had them do their thing again. They left out characters that didn't make an impact in the first season like Cody, Eva and best contestant and to be completely honest. Despite some of the gate he got, Justin was one of the more interesting characters as he didn't last long in season one and we saw another side to him. Plus the Aftermath Show, while a good idea in concept, just made Geoff and Bridgette the cliche to couple. Also this season RUINED Trent. But that's not the worst, the worst is Courtney. While I thought Justin as a villain would have been weak as he just complained about his looks a lot, I'd rather have him than this brat! All she does is complain and when things don't go her way, she'll just call her lawyers like a little bitch! But I guess it's not all bad. Duncan, Beth and Harold get some good moments, it's just weak compared to its superior seasons.

Q: Character who I think gets too much love

A: Heather from season one. I know that she was an effective villain, but she seemed very, one dimensional, that later villains don't have. Alejandro was similar to Heather but was an improvement as he could get shit done, he could bring the dinner to the table, then Tyler would eat it! (Not sure where I was going with that). Scott was like Heather, but his strategy was different than the others. More of taking down his own team to give a false sense of security. And Mal, okay, Mal was just a fucking sociopath and we all loved it! Heather was just your typical snooty teenage girl, but she got better in season 3. (Thanks Alejandro).

Q: Character who I think gets too much hate

A: Okay, it's a three way tie between Scott, Dave and Owen. I was originally going to have Topher here too but I understood why people hated him, I just wasn't as bothered. Anyway. A lot of people don't like Scott as he was rude, sneaky and got rid of some characters that didn't deserve it. Wait? Really? Total Drama has been snacking you in the face with this for years, and only when Scott does it your pissed? When Cody was booted off unfairly, I was flipping shit. I was all like. "BITCH! You better bring him back over here!" But when Scott gets rid of Dawn, oh so now the people are rioting. Also, Scott didn't deserve having to be put in a trauma chair and have people LAUGH at him while he's obviously upset. Next is Dave. Like Topher, I know why people don't like him, but unlike Topher, I think they're overreacting and putting the blame on the wrong end. I liked Dave at the very start, he was snarky, rude and didn't want to take any bullshit from his team. Then the season progressed and he started to get mushy over Sky, yeah I had the same issue with best contestant when he fell for Emma, they both fell for a girl who also liked them but wanted to concentrate on the game but they try hard to get her to notice him, however. Best contestant actually succeeded in winning over Emma in the end, Dave? He wasn't so lucky. When Sky turned him down in Hurl and go Seek, I agreed that Dave was kinda being a baby. But then came the finale. Sky kisses Dave and says she likes him. Only for Dave to find out she had a boyfriend the whole time. When I heard this I immediately felt sorry for Dave and wanted to punch Sky in the face. Seriously! Four words! I. Have. A. Boyfriend! How does one fuck il so much that they can't remember that they have a boyfriend?! Last but not least, we have Owen. Everyone says that he's just an annoying over happy idiot who gets too much screen time. To that I say nay! Owen isn't an idiot, well he is, but that's not a huge issue. Owen isn't OVER happy, I mean yeah, he's happy a lot, but Owen even has his limits and can snap at certain points. Like at Heather when she insulted Izzy. And I don't find Owen annoying. His relationship with best contestant is one of the cutest TV friendships ever and with all the villainous and cranky characters it's nice to see someone who's mostly positive.

Q: Favourite canon pairing

A: Lindsay and Tyler! This is just one of the sweetest things ever! For once it's something sweet that I just LOVE!

Q: Least favourite canon pairing

A: Courtney and Duncan, I'm sorry, but all Courtney does is be a bitch and try to change Duncan, if you love a guy you shouldn't change him!

Q: Favourite crack pairing

A: Noah and Owen! I swear that Owen has feelings for Noah! He's just hiding it! Go watch I See London! It's basically Owen trying to get his Noah-Senpai to notice him!

Q: Least favourite crack pairing

A: Geoff and Blaineley! Besides the obvious, Geoff is super happy with Bridgette, Geoff is a teenager and Blaineley is an adult! Moving on!

Q: Favourite episode

A: I See London… I DON'T CARE THAT GWEN AND DUNCAN KISSED! This is Noah's best episode and I want you guys to watch it and appreciate it!

Q: Least favourite episode

A: Oceans eight or nine. They brought back Courtney in season two and she ends up eliminating Owen, that's all I need to say

Q: Favourite TDWT song

A: Condor, ALEJANDRO AND CODY ARE THE BEST SINGERS! And Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley, I loved watching Geoff flame her ass

Q: Least favourite TDWT song

A: Boyfriend Kisser, may I not listen to a song where my least favourite character sings harsh comments about my second favourite character, thank you very much

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