Jackie's Q&A

Let's just see if I'm able to answer any questions here, if anyone asks any… they probably won't but who knows!


11. Some things about me

Since no one is asking questions. I'll take this time to tell you a little bit about myself.

So first things first. I'm an Irish Asexual Athiest. I may be Irish but I'm nothing like the stereotypes say. I ain't ginger, I'm not a farmer and I despise the taste of alcohol and I don't like potatoes that much. I'm asexual but that doesn't mean that I don't get crushes (but only on video hand characters like Dimentio). I may be atheist but I suspect that there is in fact something after death.

I'm a huge fan of video games, especially Nintendo. My favourite franchises are Mario and Pokemon, call me four. My favourite video game of all time is Super Paper Mario for the Nintendo Wii. I loved the story and character, ESPECIALLY THE VILLAINS! Dimentio, please return.

My favourite tv show of all time is Total Drama. Though the backstory to how I came across it was weird, my little sister had my neighbour over at our house and we were browsing through shows to watch on Netflix. My neighbour pointed at the picture if Chris McLean and said she wanted to watch it. Now my neighbour is a few years younger do I thought that it was going to be a little kids show, but I stuck around anyway. THAT WAS THE MOMENT I FELL IN LOVE WITH A FUCKING CARTOON! Also it was weird how my 8 year old neighbour and her 5 year old brother enjoyed a show like Total Drama.

My favourite animals are snakes! I also love lizards and turtles. I always had a thing for reptiles since I held a baby crocodile at the age of 5. I once kissed a snake.

The most embarrassing thing I ever did happened when I was 11. We were playing truth or dare. Even before then I didn't get much luck when people decided what to ask me for truth it was always romantic related. (When they asked me who I'd go out with they were disgusted when I said a girl). So I chose dare… I had to kiss one if the girls in my class in the middle of a soccer game… this is usually why I'm secluded from most girls my age. She seemed to avoid me after that, shame, I thought she was quite friendly.

My eyesight is absolute SHIT! I had to go to an eye doctor to see the problem. That was awful. They put drops and yellow dye in my eyes and tried to put a machine through my pupils. First time I was shaking, I went completely pale (which is bad, I'm usually tanned) and nearly passed out with my ears ringing. The next time I had to sing songs from TDWT to calm myself down. So yeah, I sat there muttering the lyrics of Oh My Izzy to myself while they put this… thing in my eyes! I wear glasses but they're really thick

My worst injury. I complain about how I get hit a lot by anything that happens to be near me, I sometimes punch myself in the face (by accident) but I've seen fortunate enough to have never broken any bones. However, when I was 8 years old. We were getting ready for school and I was standing on the stairs with my sisters. Until I fell and split my head open on the skirting board. I'm sure I screamed so loud that the neighbour's could hear me and there was blood everywhere.

My place in the family. I'm in the middle of almost everything in the family, makes sense, I'm the middle child with an older and younger sister. However, I'm still the shortest. My little sister is outrageously tall and my older sister is short, but I'm still not taller yet, only a matter of time. I'LL GET THERE SOMEDAY!

I have two pets. I have an Irish red setter crossed between a Cocker Spaniel, his name is Furgus. He's cute and fun… sometimes. But he also stinks and can be really annoying, you try falling asleep with a dog in your room licking himself as loudly as possible. Then there's my cat, Pippi. She's black and has white patches on her chest, belly and paws with green eyes. I always love her. Although I'm the only one who favours her over Furgus, dogs are always the fan favourite.

I'm like a cartoon character. I usually wear the same outfit every day (when I'm not wearing my school uniform). I wear these jeans that are too big for me and a purple hoodie. Sometimes I like to wear this black hat I bought in Spain. I despise wearing skirts but i wouldn't mind wearing a dress, as long as it isn't short. I like wearing big and baggy clothes, I have no idea why. I wear these silver glasses and I have these hideous eyes that can't decide whether they want to be grey, blue or green, depending on what I wear.

That's all you should know about me for now. If you didn't mind. Please ask questions

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