Jackie's Q&A

Let's just see if I'm able to answer any questions here, if anyone asks any… they probably won't but who knows!


2. FANGIRL!!!'s question

Q: What does the TSG in my name stand for?

A: well lads! Looks like we have a story. As you all know, I'm a Pokemon fan! Therefore I watch Pokémon youtubers. I was watching one of my favourite youtubers ABrandonToThePast, when I saw a video titled. “The Top 5 Kalos Shiny Pokemon." I saw number three, a shiny Gourgeist. I instantly fell in love and ever since she's been the mascot of my everything!

So here's where the TSG comes in. Jackie is the nickname I've given my shiny Gourgeist, and the TSG stands for The-Shiny-Gourgeist. So if you put it all together it spells…


Really explains a lot doesn't it!

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