Jackie's Q&A

Let's just see if I'm able to answer any questions here, if anyone asks any… they probably won't but who knows!


3. Emoji's question

Q: Do you have a favourite book/movie

A: Don't we all? Unless you can't read… but I bet you want to know my favourite book/movie… you don't? Well sucks to be you because I'm telling you anyway

So my favourite book is called Varjak Paw, it's a book about a cat who comes from a wealthy family who must go to the city to bring a dog to the house to save his family, all while learning the Seven Skills on how to hunt and fight. Yes, it's a story about cats that isn't Warrior Cats, big whoop! It's just a personal favourite. When I read it for the first thousand times I couldn't get out of it, and when I did it felt like I had to drag myself out of another dimension, and I read a lot in school…

Favourite movie. Has to be Spirited Away! For those who don't know. Spirited Away is a film by Studio Ghibli that focuses on a young girl who finds herself in a bath house where sports come to at night and she must work there and find a way for her and her parents (who turned into pigs) to get home. I can't explain what's so good, because everything about it is good. Watch it for yourselves, or if you have seen it, rewatch it!

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