It's Our Little Secret

Jody lived like every normal teenager, but that one day at school changed everything!


2. Time

"KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!!!" "I'll get it!" my mom yelled "NO!" I screamed knowing it was Candace "I've got it mom" "Okay sweetie!" I go to the door pretty quickely remembering she's been waiting. as I opened the door, I see Candace "Hey!" I said pretty happy she was here "Hey babe:)" she expressed "My mom's home right now" I said slightly scared "Whatever, tell her you're going to Mc'donalds with a friend, cause you are" I laughed "Okay!"


"Mom I'm going to Mc'donalds!"I yelled "K be home by 8!" It was already 5:30 but oh well, Candace lives like 4 houses down with her brother Kai. And we walk to Mc'Donalds every tuesday "HEY YOU LITTLE PUNK!" I heared from a little ways down... "Oh No!" I said really scared It was Nicole Edwards she gave Candace a huge black eye and her lip was gushing blood one day, all because she was humming in class...

Note to self #1:dont hum in a class with Nicole

Then she walked right up to us like she was all big and mighty, "Hey Ni...cole," I said studdering a bit. She immediatly after I said that, hit Candace. I yelled "STOP!" She came at me, and that moment, I never thought id experience. I had now, right here in the middle of the sidewalk, layed me a girl who was vonerable, deppressed and a thought crazed freak.


You know that feeling you get when you feel like your drownding but you see everyone around you breathing, yeah thats me, Jody Elizebeth...


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