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11. spotlight on: iwaoi


SPOTLIGHT ON: IWAOI *contains minor spoilers 

Ship rating: 11/10

oikawa tooru x iwaizumi hajime 

from the sports anime Haikyuu!!

(it just finished its 2nd season and I 500% recommend you watch it asap if you haven't already- because dangg, you're missing out)


Basic Info: Are they canon? No. But in my eyes, they may as well be.

Oikawa Tooru (及川徹) & Iwaizumi Hajime (岩泉) are Captain and Vice-Captain of Aoba Josai High's volleyball team, sharing a setter/spiker relationship- they're best friends, and Iwaizumi is described as Oikawa's 'pillar'. Or, they were Captain and Vice-Captain. Both are third years, and Aoba Josai just lost the big match against Karasuno volleyball team at the end of the second season. And they're going to different universities. Which means Oikawa and Iwaizumi are never. Going. To. Play. A. Match. Together. Again. (I'm not crying, nope, it's just something in my eye.) 


Why People Ship Them: Oikawa and Iwaizumi have known each other since they were very little, always playing volleyball alongside each other. Consequently, it means they trust each other like no one else.

This, really, is already a very solid foundation to ground a ship on- but then when you add everything else about their relationship, it becomes the biggest OTP to ever OTP. 

Oikawa is canonically very popular with girls, but has only ever had one girlfriend. And she dumped him because he was spending more time on volleyball than with her. And guess who was spending time on volleyball with Oikawa? Yeah, that's right. Iwaizumi. (Coincidence? Coincidences don't exist.)

 They've got nicknames for each other, as well. I mean, yeah, they're maybe not the nicest nicknames, but that's just the way their friendship (coughcough relationship) works. Oikawa calls Iwaizumi Iwa-chan, and Oikawa gets called Shittykawa, Asskawa or Crappykawa in return.

Most importantly (for me, anyway),  they've got a great personality balance- Oikawa is often silly and very flirty, but works harder at volleyball than anyone else, and always brings out the best in his team. Iwaizumi tries to ground Oikawa and stop the work getting the better of him, generally portrayed as very serious or more-than-a-little irritated at Oikawa. However, Iwaizumi is also shown to be reliable and respected. He's a firm-but-caring type, basically. 

Ooh, ooh, also (just tacking this bit on at the end) their actors in the stage play are both beautiful and have great chemistry, just like Iwaoi in the show! I didn't like the stage play overall, but the Iwaoi moments really brightened it for me. C: 


Popular Headcanons: 

- Everyone at Oikawa's university knows he's in a very serious long-term relationship with someone, and they're all expecting a really pretty, feminine fan of his or something. And then one day Iwaizumi visits Oikawa's uni like ''sup, shittykawa' and everyone's jaw just drops because tHIS IS NOT WHAT THEY WERE EXPECTING BUT SOMEHOW IT'S PERFECT.

- Oikawa is actually a really bad dancer. Like, people would think he's super graceful and talented but NOPE, he just keeps tripping over himself. It turns out that Iwaizumi is a great dancer and Oikawa begs him for lessons. In the end, Iwaizumi caves in but Oikawa doesn't end up learning anything, he just admires Iwaizumi's muscles.

Oikawa wears a white bandage over one of his knees, suggesting it's injured. Iwaizumi trains to become a doctor for people with sports injuries like Oikawa's, to help them where he couldn't help his best friend. 

- Oikawa watches loads of reality TV and forces Iwaizumi into watching it with him. In the end, they both end up way too emotionally invested.

- Iwaizumi still teases Oikawa about that loooonnngggg period of time when Oikawa believed in aliens. (He probably still believes in them now tbh)


Adorable Fanvid I Feel Obliged to Link:


Vaguely Iwaoi Moment in the Stage Play:



Note: I realise that I probably shouldn't be promoting work from other writing sites while on movellas, but we have a serious shortage of Haikyuu!! fanfiction here. And by 'serious' I mean that I don't think we have any whatsoever. *cries* Still, I really want to change that- so if anyone's interested in coauthoring some Haikyuu!! shiz then hit me up in the comments m8.


1) Title: Press '1' to get a Call From Your Drunk Best Friend

Author: parasolghost

Summary: Press '2' to hear him talk about you for thirty minutes, press '3' for him to compliment your ass, and press '4' for more options.

Chapters: 1/1

No. of Words: 5400



2) Title: When You Wish Upon a Star 

Author: emerald1963


Hajime has no idea how this situation is even possible, but he’s one hundred percent certain that it’s all Oikawa’s fault.

Oikawa blames the aliens.

The Iwaoi body swap fic that this fandom needs, if not the one it deserves.


Chapters: 7/?

No. of Words: 26842



3) Title: no room for pretend

Author: orphan_account

Summary: “Iwa-chan,” Oikawa says again, quieter. When Iwaizumi turns his head back around, Oikawa isn’t even looking at him anymore, fixated on the frayed threads of their cushion. He looks up after a moment and smiles faintly. “Please be my fake boyfriend.”

Chapters: 1/1

No. of Words: 12600



4) Title: Shiver

Author: Yuu_chi

Summary: Oikawa was always the brave one. Hajime just followed two paces behind.

Chapters: 1/1

No. of words: 16703



5) Title: to be first, to be best

Author: kittebasu

Summary: Hajime is apparently something of a masochist, and as he stares down at the tie-dyed AREA51 T-shirt in his hands, he thinks “I’m totally in love with this asshole, aren't I?”

Chapters: 1/1

No. of words: 26404



6) Title: on loving atlas

Author: daisuga


You were fifteen when you looked at him and took note of the way your heart beating faster, the tingling feeling on the tips of your fingers, the irrational, nervous urge to laugh and smile and touch him. You did touch him, and he flushed and kicked you away, vast repertoire of insults rolling off his tongue, and you wanted nothing more than the feeling of it against your mouth.

Love has a lifespan of three years.

Chapters: 1/1

No. of words: 2266





Annnnnddd look at that, I've already made 6 recommendations and am ready to make more. Oops. I guess I'll stop here. I think my obsession with iwaoi is becoming sliiighhhttttllyyy too obvious lmao.


If you want me to do a spotlight on another ship, please request in the comments! (Also, if you want to fangirl about iwaoi/recommend a fanfic/coauthor a fanfic... I AM HERE) ~ Mirlotta

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