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2. review: noragami



REVIEW: NORAGAMI *hopefully spoiler free

My rating: 7.5/10



Note: This is a review of season 1 of the anime Noragami. The second season, Noragami Aragoto, is currently being aired. (<- OHMYGOSH GUYS YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT, IT'S SO GOOD AHHHH)


Basic Info : Noragami is about a minor god of war, Yato, trying to make a name for himself and become world-famous. He seems to mainly do this by spray painting his phone number in toilets, charging people 5 yen to grant their wishes, and fighting evil phantoms called Ayakashi... which doesn't sound like the most entertaining premise in the world, but trust me, once the main plotline really kicks in, it is. 

He is joined by a girl called Hiyori who has become half spirit thanks to Yato, and keeps falling out of her body. Naturally, she's super annoyed with Yato about this, but he has no idea how to fix her problem. Also there's Yato's Regalia, Yukine, a dead soul that can turn into a sword at Yato's will. 



There are a few main plot lines in Noragami. (But not loads and loads, so it doesn't get confusing.) Some of these are majorly slow moving, but the characters are all pretty great and you don't really realise how long it takes for stuff to happen. 

Although actually, a particularly loooonnngggg time was spent developing a tragic plotline for one of the characters *coughcough* YUKINE, which could get a little frustrating at times because it could have been resolved so easily. I mean, all he had to do was sit down and talk about his feelings with Yato. Still, this doesn't mean that this arc is any less tear jerking. I strongly recommend that you prepare with tissues!

Also, a god of war called Bishamon obviously really wanted revenge on Yato for some unnamed history, but for The Most Powerful God of War Like, Ever, she didn't do much damage to Yato at all. Just saying.

The climax of the series is the last episode, where in true shonen style a big battle happens and major shit goes down. Apart from a slightly ridiculous 'Yato smells good' plot twist at the end, I was really happy with how it rounded off this series. Yay!



Okay, so I genuinely like pretty much all of the Noragami characters. (Or at least, you know, respect their creepiness. Not naming any names, but I'm completely talking about Nora here.)

Yato is the main character, and somehow manages to pull off a really grotty looking tracksuit tucked into Uggs and look good. He's funny, and has flaws, and an interesting backstory, and basically I really, REALLY like his character.

Hiyori is likable, although in a lot of the action scenes she's annoyingly useless. Unlike many other female protagonists I've seen, though (I'm looking at you, Sakura), Hiyori actually has interests and goals of her own aside from getting the attention of the male protagonist. 

I liked Yukine by the end of the series, but especially near the beginning he's basically a whiny brat who I hated. I can't really say much more about him without giving away serious spoilers. 

Though I've got to admit, the main villain was nowhere near as cool or intriguing as his side-kick. Unfortunately even after the season ends (and so far in the second season), the side-kick STILL doesn't have a properly revealed backstory.


Art and Animation:

The art style somehow manages to make every character look awesome, and the animation is really good, particularly during the theme. Althoughhhh, there were some awkward panty shots with crappy timing that made me roll my eyes.



asdfghjkl x 1000000

The theme is one of the best I've heard, the voice acting is really good (both dubbed and subbed), and I also loved the backing soundtrack.



This anime is very watchable, and I'd recommend it to anyone who feels like they want something easy to enjoy that you don't have to think too much about. I would rate it as about a 7.5/10. 



If you want a review of a particular anime, feel free to request in the comments! ~ Mirlotta 


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