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7. quiz: which free! guy are you?



(Alternate title: I've never made a quiz before ahhhhh freak out)


q1) What do you use your movellas account account for?

a. Unngghhh... My friend blackmailed me into coming on here in the first place. My friend keeps telling me I should write something, but I think I need to improve first. 

b. I'm an ambassador, so I try and help out the community whenever I can! I've got a close group of friends on here, and they know they can count on me if they need me.

c. You can mostly find me in the roleplay groups and commenting on blogs and other people's stories. I'm quite outgoing on here!

d. I got banned for spamming the mumbles with pictures of swimming pools. People thought I was a troll account, but swimming pools are actually my life.

e. I'm generally fangirling somewhere, trying hard to get out of actually, you know, writing.

f. Escaping real life.

g. I look up to so many writers on here! I like reading their stories, and also trying some of my own, too! Someday I'm going to be as good as them!

h. Writing. Obviously.


q2) You're watching a scary movie. What do you do?

a. Watch the movie. No point in getting scared of something that isn't real.

b. Think through things logically. The mosnter isn't real- it can't really kill me. But... That doesn't mean I don't get scared.

c. Get scared? Me? I love horror movies!

d. Scream. A lot.

e. Watch the first five minutes and then spend the rest of the movie behind the sofa.


q3) You need money to buy more Free! merch. What do you do? 

a. Beg anyone around me for money, and tell them that I will absolutely, totally pay them back. At some point. In the very distant future.

b. Look at it wistfully and sigh. Maybe you can buy it some other time.

c. I already have a Makoto plushie, but this is a Makoto plushie dressed in a maid outfit and I will break my bank account buying this thing.

d. Move on. It's just a box-set, after all.

e. Calculate how long I'm going to have to wait to save enough money, and keep a countdown til you have enough.

f. Steal it.

g. Get my friend to buy it for me.


q4) You fail an exam you hoped to ace. What do you do?

a. Start crying, throw my pencil case on the floor, and run away.

b. I didn't really care about that subject anyway.

c. Dwell about my failure in silence for ages.

d. Never mind! At least my friends passed, and I can always try again!

e. My  parents are going to be so mad at me. I consider running away from home.

f. Wonder what went wrong.

g. Aww... This sucks, but I can always make it into a funny story to impress that one person I've got a crush on.


q5) Pick your favourite movie genre.

a. Romance.

b. Action.

c. I don't have time to watch movies.

d. Cartoons.

e. Drama.

f. Comedy.

g. Documentaries. 


q6) If your friend fell down the stairs at school, you would...

a. Help them up and take them to the nurse's office immediately.

b. Laugh at them.

c. Stare at them.

d. Obsess over how cool their fall looked.

e. Threaten everyone who stopped and stared at them.

f. Offer them a snack to make them feel better.


q7) Who is your favourite Free! guy?

a. Momo.

b. Sousuke.

c. Nagisa.

d. Rei.

e. Rin.

f. Haru.

g. Makoto.

h. Nitori.


q8) What's your favourite swim event?

a. Butterfly.

b. Backstroke.

c. Breaststroke.

d. Freestyle/ Front crawl

e. I don't swim.

f. I can't swim.


q9) You need to threaten someone. Do you...

a. Casually mention how incredibly apt you are with a gun. 

b. Stare at them intimidatingly.

c. Shove them against a wall so they can't tell whether you're going to kiss them or punch them.

d. Let it slip that you've been making careful calculations on how best to kill a man twice your size.

e. Steal all their socks.

f. Try and hint that you don't like them in the nicest, least threatening way you can.


q10) Favourite food?

a. Anything sweet.

b. Curry.

c. Sushi.

d. Fish. Especially mackerel.

e. Sunday dinner.

f. Anything fried.

g. Anything spicy.



Comment your answers to each question (eg. 1a, 2d, 3f) and I will tell you your quiz results! This quiz is not meant to be serious in any way, but I hope that you enjoyed taking it ~ Mirlotta



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