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5. definition: weeaboo



(Often shortened to 'weeb')


You may have heard a lot of anime fans (ranging from the casul fan to the extreme mega-fan) throwing this term around: calling themselves weebs, calling their friends weebs, calling their cat a weeb, their dog a weeb, their great-grandmother's best friend's youngest grandson's daughter's daughter a weeb. And, a lot of the time, they don't even know what this term means.

This article is here to explain everything you need to know. Questions can wait til the end, and please don't interrupt me asking to go to the toilet.

Okay, so weeaboo was originally a fictional game from a webcomic called the Perry Bible Fellowship. The game was basically a person saying the word 'weeaboo' and getting slapped over the ass with a paddle. Fun, right? I know. This later became a meme on 4chan, where people got offended because they thought it was anti-caucasianstryingtobeJapanese. 

After a while, the word weeaboo became a derogatory term for people so obsessed with Japanese culture, anime and manga that they start trying to act like they're Japanese, even though they obviously weren't. A lot of the time, weeaboos try and use as many Japanese words as they know in their everyday conversation (read: not very much) but often end up mispronouncing them or using them in the wrong way.



Weeb: Ohayo Gozaimasu, Gareth-kun-chan-san-senpai! I am kawaii desu ne? You want me to shut up? I would be such a baka if I said hai! Instead, I will talk about Haruka Nanase-sensei-kun-chan-senpai. Ashiteru, Haru!


Weaboos are also known for denouncing and alienating themselves from their own culture in an attempt to adopt the Japanese culture, but then they generally end up disrespecting Japanese culture in the way they try and use it. Though all their knowledge of Japan has come from anime, weebs see Japan as some sort of holy land that they know everything about. Weebs will often be found making small-minded comments like 'I will only marry someone if they're Japanese' or 'All Japanese TV shows are superior to all British TV shows because Japan is the most perfect thing to ever perfect.' 

It's kind of like extreme nationalism, but not even for your own country. 

But please note, if someone watches anime, speaks Japanese and admires the culture but remembers to respect it, they are not a weeb. And if someone calls you or themselves a weeb, they might not even mean it in an offensive way! Many anime fans think that weeaboo merely means 'anime fan', rather than something derogatory. 

So... Yeah, I hope that cleared stuff up about the word 'weeaboo'. If you feel like this article is personally targeting you or something, I'm really sorry- I didn't create the term. 


If you would like me to define any other words for you, please feel free to ask in the comments! ~ Mirlotta



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