bad boy

Lola keys is just an average young girl she was beautiful nice body and was pretty smart although she wasn't a dork or anything her best friend was aston Irwin he had his group of friends as well but what happens when a new dark mysterious bad boy named Luke hemmings come to the school and becomes friends with aston will everything be okay or will he turn her world upside down....


10. chapter 9

Lola's POV 

i woke up the next morning and leaned over to Luke 

' Luke wake up '

he woke up with a smile on his face ' good morning beautiful ' he said 

' Good morning i have an idea for a party for my birthday ' i said to him 

' Well are you gunna tell me or do i have to guess ' he said with a smile 

' well because it's October halloween party ' i said with a huge smile 

' Halloween party ' he questioned

' why whats wrong with that ' i said as my smile faded 

he put his arms around me and said ' Oh nothing it's just that we gradate in one month can you believe that'

i looked at him weird ' why change subject'

he let out a sigh ' I just thought you might not have been in to a party after everything has happened '

i laughed at him

' what's funny ' he said 

' why would i let a stupid ex change my plans ' i laughed at him

' Okay party it is i will do it  all ' he said and gave me a kiss 

'thank you ' i replied 

i got a text from Darcy saying meet at star bucks for breakfast 

' Hey Luke i got to go out for breakfast with Darcy and i will get your costume for tomorrow night '

he replied with a simple yet sweet ' okay love you '


once i was dressed and out the door i got to star bucks and sat at the seat me and Darcy had been sitting at for 10 years i saw her car pull up and she had a huge smile on her face 

' Hey love what are you happy about ' i said while laughing at the way she ran at me 

she ran up and gave me a huge and a kiss 'I met someone 'she said 

' What when and how omg ' i said with shock 

' Well last night after everyone let your house we all went out we would have invited you but we thought you could do with some alone time with Luke' she said really really fast 

'well thank you we need it ' i said with a wink ' but keep going '

' anyways while we were out i ran into some guy and he's really cute and smart and we are gunna go out ' she said to me with a smile 

' Well you can bring him to my party tomorrow night Luke's getting it ready i have to go get costumes will you help me ' i said hoping she will 

' Does the moon rise every night ' she said while laughing 

i looked at her weird ' umm okay lets go get costumes '

we got to the costume shop and i decided to go as swan lake and Luke as prince charming and Darcy and Sam are going as tinka bell and peter pan we are all matching how cute me and Darcy parted way and i stopped by the pet store for Pumpkin and i walked in and there was puppy costumes i sent a photo to Luke and paid for the costume 

i got in my car and drove home mum sent me a message saying that she is coming home next week 

when i got home all the decorations were put up and i walked in and i couldn't find Pumpkin

'Luke have you seen pumpkin '

He yelled ' Babe she's with me '

i walked upstairs to see a shirtless Luke and a sleepy pumpkin i quickly took a photo and put pumpkin in her bed and jumped on Luke 

' ouchhh babe that hurt ' he yelled

i gave him a kiss ' sorry ' i pouted my lip

'It's okay come on i will order pizza '

i smiled and replied with ' Okay '

he got up and and called the pizza people and i got up and put the costume on Pumpkin and started pissing myself laughing 

'Luke come here quick'

he ran up the stairs ' what what is it are you hurt '

i looked at him ' um no why would i be i meant look at Pumpkin '

he started laughing at her 'thats to cute pizza will be here in fifteen '

' okay well i'm going for a shower i don't feel well ' i said to him 

'okay be quick to you want panadol'

I smiled at him at his will to care so much 'Yes please baby '

i got in and out of shower pretty quick by the time i was dressed and had tablets pizza was here and Luke bought it up to my bed and put Pumpkin up on the bed with me and we ate pizza and watched movies i could feel my self fall into a deep sleep with Pumpkin in my arms and i'm in Luke's arms cute happy family 



cant wait for the party tomorrow 





































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