bad boy

Lola keys is just an average young girl she was beautiful nice body and was pretty smart although she wasn't a dork or anything her best friend was aston Irwin he had his group of friends as well but what happens when a new dark mysterious bad boy named Luke hemmings come to the school and becomes friends with aston will everything be okay or will he turn her world upside down....


9. chapter 8

Luke's POV

It's her birthday i woke up and quickly snuck out of her arms its 4:30 in the morning i got dressed and got in my car and drove to get her the present she has always wanted once i got the present i drove back to her and started making her breakfast by this time its 5:50 and i start to clean up the mess i made and and put everything on a plate i put i bow on the present and texted everyone 

group text 

Luke' hey guys can i get everyone over here for Lola's birthday '

D' i'm on my way and Michael is with me '

A' me too almost there'

C' i'm outside'

i door opened and Callum walked in 

C' hey where's the birthday '

Luke' shes asleep'

C' what the fuck is that'

Luke ' it's her gift'

C' she's guuna flip when she see that'

Luke ' will she not like it '

C 'she will love it '

once everyone was here we set up the dinning room table and i went and woke Lola up 



Lola's POV


i woke up to soft lips on mine ' good morning beautiful birthday girl'

i smiled at him ' that's the best way to wake on my birthday '

he just laughed at me 'come on come down stairs '

'whats the time Luke'

' umm its quarter past six'

i wined ' why this early'

' don't wine at me come down stairs now '

' jeez okay grumpy'

i got up and walked down stairs to see eveyone sitting at the table and huge balloons and flowers and candles it was so pretty 

L' omg who did this '

A ' Luke did all of it and we have dinner tonight '

i turned around and gave Luke a big passionate kiss and jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and he put his hands on my bum 

A' alright enough of that '

D ' Ashton leave them they are happy'

C'nope im with Ashton thats a site i didn't want to see this early in the morning '

Luke and i were just laughing one we eat breakfast it was present time 

Darcy gave me her's first 

D' hey you go love i hope you like it 

i smiled 'of course i would love its from you '

it was a huge big box i opened it to see a photo album and i opened that it was photos of all of us since we were little kids i laughed at some of them and there was more in there , there was a horse watch and a Pandora ring collection 

i walked at to darcy and gave her a big hug 

L' i love it all so much thank you i love you '

D ' i love you to '

once everyone had given me my presents Luke's was the only one i hadn't gotten yet i watched him get up from beside me walk outside and grab a massive box like all most as big as me laid it on its side 

Luke ' you have been talking about this type of present since we met and i knew i had to get it for you '

L' im nerves '

he laughed at me and i opened it and my eyes widened it was a baby black pug 

i smiled i tears in my eyes 'omg look at it its beautiful '

Luke ' do you like her '

L ' like her its a girl i love her omg i cant Believe you got me at puppy'

Luke ' what her name gunna be '

L' i don't know '  

D' what about buttercup'

L' no i know pumpkin i like pumpkin'

everyone laughed at me 

L' what its cute '

Luke 'w hat every you want bub look what else is in there '

L' there more '

i opened the box again to see toys for her bed and cloths 

i laughed at look and gave him a big kiss 

Luke 'come on we have to go to school and this is for you '

he pulled out a badge and pinned it on my new birthday outfit everyone  had cleaned up while i settled pumpkin in to the house made sure nothing could fall on her now that everyone had left i looked at the time 8:24 'SHIT'

'Luke come on we have to go '

'I'm coming '

we walked out and into his car and we drove to school the minute i got to school and walked to my locker there was balloons and posters tapped to it i let out a giggle and gout of my books for english and Luke and i walked to class hand in hand 


Luke ' i think this is us going public'

L' thats okay i don't mind ' and i gave him a kiss '

we walked in to class and took our seats the day went pretty quick to be honest


**** lunch time **** 


i walked to our table and some girl was seating there 

L ' hello are you new '

' um don't talk to me '

L' excuse me '

' why are still talking to me '

L ' bitch your at my table what do you want '

' well if you must know i'm looking for my boyfriend '

L 'well what's his name i will probably know him 

" is name is Luke Hemming do u know him '

L ' um i have to go '

' oh don't worry there he is '

i watched as she got up from her seat and walked over to him and gave him a hug and kissed him i felt the tears in my eyes i watched as he smiled at her and then looked at me and saw me crying 

Luke ' Lola it's not what it look's like '

L ' i know it was gunna turn out like this witch is why didn't want anything to do with you just leave me alone Luke we are over '

Luke ' Lola please me and hannah are over '

L' that's why you just kissed her fuck you Luke '

i got outside and remembered that Luke drove me to school shit i had to walk home after about an hour of walking i got home and walked inside to see pumpkin i smiled at her and sat on the couch with her and watched some movies 

i must have dosed off because i heard knocking on the door 

i opened the door to see Darcy Callum and Ashton

'hey guys wheres Michael'

D ' he's with Luke '

A ' what a birthday hey ' Ashton walked up and gave me a really big hug 

L ' i knew i didn't want to be with him  '

D ' hung on i'm getting a call from Michael'

i could hear Luke's voice 

Luke ' i'm so stupid hannah and i used to date before i moved her and her parents just got transferred here and now she will be going to our school and Lola's never gunna talk to me again'

M'yes she will she's just hurt right now  '

Luke ' i never wanted to hurt her i love her and now i'm never gunna get the chance to tell her'

once i heard those words come out his mouth i told Darcy to stay and look after Pumpkin for me and drove stright to Luke's house once i got there i opened his front door walked up stairs to him about to sing a song 

Luke ' i was going to sing this to her '


"Heart Like Yours"

Breathe deep, breathe clear

Know that I'm here

Know that I'm here


Stay strong, stay gold

You don't have to fear

You don't have to fear


I'll see you soon

I'll see you soon

How could a heart like yours

Ever love a heart like mine?

How could I live before?

How could I have been so blind?

You opened up my eyes

You opened up my eyes

Sleep sound, sleep tight

Here in my mind

Here in my mind


Come close, my dear

You don't have to fear

You don't have to fear


I'll see you soon

I'll see you soon

How could a heart like yours

Ever love a heart like mine?

How could I live before?

How could I have been so blind?

You opened up my eyes

You opened up my eyes

Hold fast hope

All your love is all I've ever known

Hold fast hope

All your love is all I've ever known

How could a heart like yours

Ever love a heart like mine?

How could I live before?

How could I have been so blind?

You opened up my eyes

You opened up my eyes

You opened up my eyes

You opened up my eyes


once he finished the song i walked into his room 

M ' i'll give you guys some space '

L ' thanks ' he came and hugged me then left 


Luke's POV


There she is with red puffy eyes and that beautiful pale face i was such an idiot

L ' i heard what you told Michael he called Darcy while you were talking'

Luke 'of course he did '

L ' I'm glad he did why didn't you tell me that you love me '

Luke ' i didn't want to scare you away '

L ' Luke you are never gunna scare me away even with you ex now here it just hurt to see you kiss someone else '

Luke ' i didn't kiss her she kissed me '

L ' i like the song '

Luke ' thanks it's about you '

L ' come on lets go to my house '

Luke ' your not mad at me '

L ' no come on '

we got in her car and Darcy texted her

L' can you see what that says '

Luke ' um just that everyone has left and dinner has been cancelled like you asked di you cancel dinner?'

L ' yeah i didn't feel like going out '

Luke ' do u want me to stay the night cause there no school tomorrow '

L ' don't you have to talk to hannah '

Luke ' no way she can get fucked '

L ' why '

Luke ' because she's the ex that cheated on my '

L ' ohh'   

once we were back at her place we walked in side and i moved all pumpkins stuff and pumpkin upstairs to Lola's room 

we laid on Lola's bed for a while and then she said she was gunna go for a shower 

Luke ' okay '

L' are you not gunna come with me ' she said with a smirk 

Luke ' of course '

once we got in the shower i started to kiss her back then i turned her around and kissed her she jumped up and i leaned her against the wall in the shower the water was hot and so was she i went inside of her she let out a moan she ran her fingers through my hair and i gave her a nice big hicky on her neck she was moan and i kept thrusting and thrusting 

L' get out of the shower '

we stopped but i still carried her to the bed i laid her down on the bed she had he legs wrapped around my waist and we went back to it we went so hard we switch position and now she was on top he sat up and started bouncing on my i held her sexy ass and good she was good 

Luke ' Lola im gunna '

Lola ' me to omg Luke she laid back down and i went hard on her and we finally did it at the same time it felf so good i looked at the time 9;15 shit 

Luke 'good night baby i hope you had an amazing birthday ;'

Lola ' you just made it amazing '

i gave her a kiss and we fell in to a deep sleep in each others arms  



im truly in love with Lola Key






















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