bad boy

Lola keys is just an average young girl she was beautiful nice body and was pretty smart although she wasn't a dork or anything her best friend was aston Irwin he had his group of friends as well but what happens when a new dark mysterious bad boy named Luke hemmings come to the school and becomes friends with aston will everything be okay or will he turn her world upside down....


8. chapter 7

Luke's POV 

I can't believe i told her that i like her obviously she doesn't like me well this is gunna be a shit day. I walked in to english and there she sat with all her friends smiling and laughing but that soon changed when she saw me she started to walk up to me but i quickly turned around and started to walk to my car and i heard yelling from behind me 


i turn around 'what what do u want '

she stops running 'why didn't you tell me '

'because i knew you wouldn't have felt the same '

'how do you now that have you asked me '

i look at her 'no but i just thought '

she interrupts me 'well you thought wrong'

then she kisses me i pulled away 'what was that for'

' i told you that you thought wrong i do like you Luke but i don't wanna be hurt '

i kiss her 'i promise you i will never ever hurt you'

'really' she says with a beautiful smile 


she kisses me again 'come on we have to go back '


we walk back holding hands 

Lola's POV

i told him that i like him and i'm glad i did i just don't wanna be hurt as we were walking back to class he held my hand and made small talk when we got to class everyone was looking at us and i could feel myself blush i let go of his hand and walk to my seat 

D ' what is all that about'

i smiled at her 'i told him that i like him and we kissed and now i'm really happy'

A' well as your best friend i think i should have a chat to this guy'

i roll my eyes at him'Ashton he's your best friend to '

A' i know but i've known you longer '

'whatever floats your boat'

**** lunch time ******

finally its lunch i grab my lunch and go sit at out table and Callum walks over 

'Hey cal'

C' hey love how did you go'

' umm i spoke to Luke and i think we are like dating now we still have to talk about '

C ' thats cute i'm happy for you'

' thanks Cal'

i was watching out for Luke but him and Ashton never showed up maybe because Ashton wanted to talk to Luke 



Ashtons POV

i'm really happy for Luke and Lola i mean their both my best friends but i thought it would be funny to stair up Luke as i was waiting for him he finally walks out 

A' oi Luke'

L' hey mate whats up'

A ' nothing much do u maybe wanna have lunch with me today'

L' yeah sure haven't seen you in a while'

A' sweet and maybe because  you have been with Lola '

i watched him blush ' i cant lie i really like her '

A ' alright come  on we will take my car '

L' alright'

**** skip car ride ****


we arrived at the Chinese store and ordered because we are seniors we have longer time at lunch 

A' so tell me about you and her'

L'well after the fight this morning at school period one came and she chased me down the hall and out to my car and we just started talking and she kissed me and you know now we have to have another chat to see if she will be my girlfriend'

A ' are you gunna ask her'

L' yeah do u think i should '

A 'well you both are my best friends i just want whats best for you's '

L ' thanks bro i love you '

once we ate we drove back to school and went to our last period because we skipped 2 periods we finished the last period and i walked to Lola's car because i wanted to talk to her 

A ' hey L'

L' hey Ashton where were you and Luke '

A ' we went to lunch '

L' what did you's talk about '

Lola's POV  


i really want to know what they spoke about 

L 'was it me or not '

A' maybe '

L ' thats not fare tell me '

A ' not after that ' he laughed and walked away 

i got in my car and drove home once i got home i walked to the mail box to see a parcel from mum dad and Zoey happy birthday for tomorrow i smiled to myself as i was about to turn around i heard a voice 

Luke' whats that '

L 'ahhh what the fuck don't sneak up on me like that '

Luke' hahah sorry '

L' it's not funny but its a present'

we walked in side and to the kitchen  

Luke' what for '

L' it's my birthday tomorrow' i said while jumping up on the bench to open it 

Luke ' is it you birthday tomorrow '

L ' yeah 18 baby woahhh'

he walked over to me and gave me a kiss ' happy birthday then '

L ' thank you '

Luke ' what do you want for your birthday '

L ' come here '

Luke 'mm'

L ' i want you '

Luke ' hahaha what did you get in there'

L' i don't know i haven't opened it yet'

Luke' don't be smart with me missy'

i laughed and opened the preset and it was Iphone 6s rose gold 

i screamed and Luke covered his ears 

Luke' what the fuck mate'

L' don't call me mate ' i pouted 

Luke ' sorry baby come on lets watch some tv'

L'okay '

as we laid on the coach the door bell rang 

L ' Luke can you get that '

Luke ' sure why not '

L ' thank you'

Luke's POV 

i cant believe its her birthday tomorrow i have to get her something i answered the door and everyone was there Darcy Ashton Callum and Michael 

Luke ' hey guys come in '

A ' hey mate'

C' hey dude '

M'hey cutie' of course he would say that 

D'hey Luke how are you '

Luke ' Hey Darcy i'm good 

Lola 'hey everyone mum and dad sent me a phone for my birthday '

A' really thats cool what are we doing for you birthday '

Luke ' did you wanna go out to dinner with all of us or have a party because your 18 '

L' i think i just wanna go out to dinner with you guys '

C 'thats sounds good  Luke can handle he's your boyfriend 

Luke ' i will i will pick i perfect restaurant'

L' yeah okay lets watch movies and eat '

D ' i will order pizza '

M' okay'

once pizza was here we all ate and we sat down in the living room and me and Lola and i cuddled on the couch and we all fell asleep there and we all have school tomorrow great we will all be tired as fuck 

i carried Lola up to bed and laid her down and she asked ' can i have your shirt'

Luke ' yeah here '

i watched as she pulled her cloths of and i pulled my pants of and laid down beside her and she put my shirt on 

Luke' it looks hot on you '

L' shut up and go to sleep is everyone still down stairs '

Luke 'no i kicked them out'

L'well do u have cloths for school '

Luke ' i do i wanted to spend the night with you ' 

Lola's POV

Luke ' i do i wanted to spend the night with you ' that makes my heart melt 

L' that's sweet oh ' i gave him a kiss 

Luke ' come on go to sleep '

i turned around to face Luke and he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big passionate kiss and we slowly fell asleep 

tomorrow is my birthday and i cant wait to spend it with Luke 









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