bad boy

Lola keys is just an average young girl she was beautiful nice body and was pretty smart although she wasn't a dork or anything her best friend was aston Irwin he had his group of friends as well but what happens when a new dark mysterious bad boy named Luke hemmings come to the school and becomes friends with aston will everything be okay or will he turn her world upside down....


7. chapter 6

Luke's POV

I woke up the next morning opening my eyes and realising I'm in a different room and then it all came back to me last night and Lola I turn and face Lola I had my arm wrapped around her I smiled at myself she opened her eyes

"Good morning " she said

"Good morning how did you sleep " I smiled at her

"Um pretty good you"

"Good did u think we should talk about last night " I said

She sighs " don't worry I know your the type of guys to find them fuck them and forget them "

When she said that it kind of hurt did she really think that low of me

"What do you mean "

"Well you don't really care about girls feelings so why would I be different can u please just go I need to clean up "

"Lola please I'm not like that"

"Luke I said can u go I need to clean up "

"Fine whatever you were just another root anyways "

"Told you you can't even prove yourself wrong no get out "

I watched her break into tears and kick me how could I be such an asshole this day went from great to shit real quick .


Lola's POV

When i woke up the next morning i kew i had the biggest mistake of my life and on top of that i have school today fml i don't know why i would do such a stupid thing i could feel him staring at me once we got he asked if we should talk about last night but i didn't want to so i just went of at him and kicked him out thank god he's gone i went upstairs and it was 7:30 shit i'm running late i hopped in the shower and got out once i was done walked into my closet and picked out a red halter top and a black leather skirt and a pair of black flats did my make up and left my hair down because it was really curly grabbed my handbag got my cars and drove to school by the time i got to school and it was 8:15 got to my locker and Darcy and Ashton and Callum 


'hey guys How are we'

D' good how did the date go '

A' date what date '

C' the date she had with Luke'

"it wasn't a date and i don't wanna talk about it '

D' why what happened '

' well we you know '

they all just looked at me like i was stupid

" omg we had sex '

A ' wow what the fuck way'd take it slow '

' shut up he was a dick about it anyways so just leave it '

C' well think fast he's coming  

i turn around to see him with some chick blonde headed bimbo 

'of course he would do that '

A' he's coming over here with her'

D'do you wanna leave 

'no why would i its my locker'

L'hey guys this is Bec'

he had the stupid smug look on his face like he had one 

' hey Bec if i was you i would be careful '

he just glared at me 

B'what do you mean'

'well you see this one was at my house last night and we had sex and then this morning and told me i was just another root so if you want a relationship your not gunna get it out of him'

the girl just looked at Luke then walked away 

L' was the necessary'

A'mate i think you should go '

'thanks Ashton but i can handle myself Luke here is just a piece of shit under someones foot "

L'well you started it this morning maybe i was going to tell that i like you i told all the boys that i wanted to get to know you but oh while you made your mind up '

I watched as he walked away from me 

'non of you's could have told me '

A'nope he needed to tell you '


todays gunna be a shit day but i have to find Luke and apologise 












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