bad boy

Lola keys is just an average young girl she was beautiful nice body and was pretty smart although she wasn't a dork or anything her best friend was aston Irwin he had his group of friends as well but what happens when a new dark mysterious bad boy named Luke hemmings come to the school and becomes friends with aston will everything be okay or will he turn her world upside down....


6. chapter 5

Lola's POV

i woke up the next morning with a huge headache and someones arms wrapped around me and i turn around to see Luke's face 


i tried getting out of his grip but the more i moved the tighter it got 

L ' Luke get out of my bed'

Luke ' oh good morning to you to sunshine '

L ' sorry but i need to pee and unless you want pee on you let me go '

Luke ' oh okay well come back i wanna talk'

L ' okay'

i got up and walked to my bathroom and did my business and walked out to see a shirtless Luke on my bed 

i went to lay back down and as i was walking over Luke grabbed me pulled me on top of him 

Luke ' you look pretty hot when you wake up '

L ' alright if you say so , what did you wanna talk about '

Luke 'do you remember last nights convo '

L' sorta , why'

Luke ' well do you wanna go to the beach with me and the boys and some of the girls'

L ' what as a date or just two friends '

i saw that cute yet annoying smug on his face 

Luke' whatever you want it to be we can go get ice cream after to if you want '

i smiled and said ' that saids really good'

Luke ' sweet start getting ready and then we will stop b my house '

L' sounds good ' 

i hopped in my bathroom and had a quick shower and then got out wrapped the towel around me and walked back into my room and went to my walk in closet and picked out my favorite pink poker dot bikinis and a pair of denim mini shorts and a loose singlet crop top i threw my hair in a messy bun and applied some water proof make up and i could smell something down stair so i started walking down stairs and i saw Luke making breakfast 

L' what are you doing '

i said with a smile

Luke ' making breakfast i was hungry '

L ' oh yeah make yourself at home'

Luke ' don't be smart i maybe made you something  

L ' you wanna hope you did its my house '

Luke ' shut up and eat breakfast'

i laughed at him and sat beside him and ate my breakfast once we were done and i did the dishes and made my bed we hoped in his car and drove to his house he told me to wait in the because he would be no more then 5 minutes i hopped on my phone while i waited and he was back before i knew it .

Luke' i hope i wasn't to long '

L ' no you were pretty quick actually'

Luke ' alright lets go '

it was about a 15 minute drive but once we arrived everyone was already there i hoped out of his car and Darcy ran up to me and would stop asking questions about us.

Darcy's POV 

D ' what are you doing getting out of his car '

L ' he stayed at my house last night no big deal '

D ' no big deal its a huge deal '

L ' no its not we are just hanging out together '

D ' we will see what happens '

L ' whatever '

i really want Luke and Lola she deserves someone better then her last one he was such an asshole just left her because he was scared of commitment. anyways i walked over to Lola and we stripped down into our bikinis and ran into the water .

Luke's POV 

i watch as she hopped into her bikinis and walk to the walk god she had a good body she was so sexy  

Ashton' i think you have a bit of drool coming out of your mouth'

i turned around and the boys were all laughing at me 

Luke' shut up '

Michael' you like her don't you '

Luke ' maybe don't tell her '

Callum' why girls love it when you tell the truth'

Ashton ' take it from her best friend she needs a good boyfriend her last one was a dropkick and treated her like shit so if you like her tell her '

Luke ' i just met her though '

Michael' so i've been dating a girl for a while and the day i met her i asked her out and we'er happy so you never know until you try '

Luke' well we are going out for ice cream after this '

Ashton ' just treat her right okay '

Luke 'okay'

i walked down to the water with the all the boys and the ended up pushing me in and so i tackled ashton and ended up landing on Lola she was laughing so hard and it was so cute 

L' hahah are you okay'

Luke ' i'm fine sorry love '

L' its okay '

Luke 'how bout we go get that ice cream now'

L ' sounds good '

we said good bye to everyone and then got in my car and drove to cold rock  

Lola's POV

we arrived at cold rock and walked up to the counter and as we were walking up there and i saw a huy cheacking me out and the i felt Luke laced our fingers it kind of made me giggle 

Luke ' what are you giggling about' he said with a smile 

L' you i saw what you did '

Luke ' what did i do'

L ' you saw that guy checking me out and you grabbed my hand '

Luke ' no i didn't maybe i wanted to hold you hand '

L ' mm sure you did your jealous '

Luke ' just order your ice cream '

L' hahah okay '

i thought it was cute what he did it but oh well we ordered our ice cream and while we ate it we made small talk and then he asked me the worst question ever 

Luke ' hey what happened between you and you ex'

L' umm what'

Luke ' your ex the boys said something about him'

L ' oh did they theres not much to know'

Luke ' well what happened'

L' basically he had some serious commitment issues and while we were dating he was with like 3 other people '

Luke ' jezz what an ass '

L' yep anyways i should get going '

Luke ' yeah come on ill drive you home '

as he drove me home i saw his hand in his lap and i reached over and held it and i saw him smile

L ' hey in was thinking maybe you could stay and watch movies with me '

Luke 'really'

L ' yeah why not '

Luke ' what movies do u have '

L' non to be honest we could stop at a movie rental place '

Luke ' yeah okay ' 

once we picked up the movies and some food for dinner we drove back to mine i took the food inside while Luke walked up stairs to get the blankets and pillows and i put the food in to bowls and put them on the table i walked back into the kitchen and cleaned up.

Luke's POV 

i can't believe she's letting me hang out with her i walked up stairs to her room and grabbed the pillows and duvet walked back down to see she had everything but the bed set up so i set the bed up and took my shirt of and laid down and then she walked down from up stair i didn't even know she went up 

Luke' hey are ready for some movies '

L ' uh what'

Luke ' are u checking me out '

L ' haha maybe '

she laid down beside me and we ate dinner while watching the best of me half way through i turn and Lola was in tears 

Luke' hey why are you crying'

L'its just so sad '

Luke ' shit i thought something bad happened '

L ' no haha '

i just looked at her and there was a moment in there and i just smashed my lips against hers 


Lola's POV


he kissed me i'm not sure what i should i'm sober this time he kissed me shit i kiss him back and the we keep kissing and keep kissing and then he hopped on top of me and he ripped of my top and i started to undo his pants he looks what at 

Luke ' are you sure'

L ' i want you and i want you now'

we went back to kissing and we were both in our underwear he undid my bra and then pulled down my underwear and he smiled i pulled his down and he went down on me licking and biting my clits i rubbed my hand through his hair and let out a moan and he cam back up and started kissing me again and then he entered me i let a grasp and he kissed down my jaw line and started moving and thrusting and was thrusting and thrusting makeig me feel so good 

Luke' do you like this do you like me fucking you'

L 'yeah don't stop keep going

Luke ' Lola im gunna '

L' not yet i'm not ready faster go faster Luke '

Luke' oh lola your so good i'm gunna its happening 

L 'me too '

Luke ' holy shit Lola i did 

L' me too 

it felt so good i ended up rolling over and he wrapped his hands around my waist and put his head in the crutch of my neck and we fell asleep like that 


best night i have had in a long time ...

















































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