bad boy

Lola keys is just an average young girl she was beautiful nice body and was pretty smart although she wasn't a dork or anything her best friend was aston Irwin he had his group of friends as well but what happens when a new dark mysterious bad boy named Luke hemmings come to the school and becomes friends with aston will everything be okay or will he turn her world upside down....


5. chapter 4

Lola's POV 

i woke the next morning to ashton poking my face 

L ' can you fuck off before i punch you'

A ' haha someones a little cranky today god knows why since you get to see lover boy '

i looked at him and punch in right in the ribs

A' ouch shit '

L ' well don't say he's lover boy '

A ' okay sorry love '

i rolled my eyes at him and got up and started to clean up once we had clean up i looked at the time 5;30 holy shit where did the time go 

A ' Lola Darcy is here and so are the boys okay'

L ' okay Darcy come up he and help me get ready '

D ' okay coming '

L ' hey lovely have you got your cloths '

D ' hey sweets and yeah i bought my make up kit as well '

L ' sweet let's get started '


i hoped in the shower washed my hair and then hoped out Darcy had a shower before she come and her hair was still wet at least her hair wasn't as long as mine so it was easy to dry once it was dry i curled her hair and picked her out fit once she was dressed she started on my and she straightened my hair and picked out i black dress that was mid thigh and  and that flowed at the bottom and i did my make up because Darcy is shit at make up once i was done i heard the music start to play and people arrive 

D ' wow you look hot '

L ' thanks love so dod you are u ready '

D ' yep let's go '

i walked down stairs and i saw Luke and i was about to turn and Darcy pushed down the stair 

L ' och what the hell'

D ' i know your trying to avoid him '

L' no i'm not i just met him '

D ' i totally believe you too now go '

L ' fine '

i walked up to the DJ and grabbed the mic 

L ' hey guys hows everyone liking the party '

they all screamed 

L ' ill take that as a yes which is great injoy the party and if your gunna be sick go outside please now lets get fucked up woahhhhhh' 


Luke's POV 

i watched as she walked down those stairs and man did she look hot i after she did her speak i deiced i walked up to her and give her a drink 

Luke ' hey there great party '

L' thanks are you enjoying your self '

Luke ' i am thank you here i got you a drink '

L ' oh thank you '

Luke ' do you wanna dance ' 

L ' uh yeah that sounds good '

Luke ' well come on then '

as we walked to the dance floor i could tell she was a little tipsy because she kind of stumbled as we walked 

we started to dance and she was grinding all over me it was such a turn on as we were getting into the dance someone yelled out 

'lets play 7 minutes in heaven '

Luke ' come on lets go play '

L ' okay come on '

i walked up there and we all sat in a big circle all of Lola's friends were there and some other randoms we put the bottle in the middle and someone started to turn it and it landed on Lola's friend Darcy so her and some guy went in to the closet and did their business it had been an hour of playing this game and Lola's been up like three times and it made my blood boil i don't know why i don't even know her  but of well the game was called off and everyone went back down stairs Lola was still upstairs with her friend's they went down stairs and it was just me and Lola and there was some series sexual tension between us i'm guessing because we are both drank and then she ran up and started kissing me and it felt so good she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist and i started walking towards her room with the help of course i had no idea where i was going i finally her room laid her on her bed and she pulled my top of and then i pulled her dress off reviling her beautiful body and then she was like

L' woah woah i think we should slow down '

Luke ' why i thought we were having fun '

L ' i am but we don't even know each other '

Luke ' well lets get to know each other '

i mentally slapped myself why would i say that 

L ' really '

don't say anything Luke you idiot 

Luke ' yeah i would love to'

L ' okay ' 

Luke 'alright i better go '

L ' you don't have to u can stay '

Luke ' are you sure '

L ' yeah why not '

Luke ' okay ' 

L ' alright i will be back i'm just going to say goodbye to everyone '

Luke ' okay hurry '



Lola's POV 


i cant believe i just did that what an idiot i have to tell Darcy i walked down stairs and pulled my dress back on 

i saw Darcy there and i walked over to her and told her everything 

D ' omg i knew you liked him so whens the date '

L ' it's not a date its just two people getting to know each other '

M' yeah sure it is '

L ' Jesus Michael you gave me a heart attack '

M' sorry love '

A ' what are we talking about '

L ' non of your business now everyone out '

once everyone left i walked upstairs and Luke was no where to be found and the i heard the shower i got changed into my PJ and Luke walked out in just a towel and i caught myself staring at him and i heard him chuckle so i looked away 

Luke' umm i don't anything to wear '

L ' oh i can get you a pair of boxers'

Luke ' okay '

i walked out and in to my mum and dads room and got a pair of boxers and walked back into my room gave Luke the boxers and he got changed and i laid down on the bed and Luke crawled in beside me i smiled at myself and and turned around to face him and then i kissed him and he put his arm around my waist and we fell asleep


and i was pretty happy with myself  




















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