bad boy

Lola keys is just an average young girl she was beautiful nice body and was pretty smart although she wasn't a dork or anything her best friend was aston Irwin he had his group of friends as well but what happens when a new dark mysterious bad boy named Luke hemmings come to the school and becomes friends with aston will everything be okay or will he turn her world upside down....


4. chapter 3

Darcy's POV

sometime lola drives me crazy i mean why wouldn't she give that guy her name i mean its plan rude don't get me wrong i love her but she doesn't have to be rude.


Lola's POV

Thank god the day is over what an strange one it has been i was giving ashton i drive home he was gunna stay at my house for the party tomorrow i think my school is the only one that starts on a Friday for first day back but i cant wait for the party.As i was walking to the car i saw ashton standing by the car but Luke stood in my way.

Luke ' Hey there beautiful '

it kind of made me blush

Lola ' what do you want Luke '

Luke ' i want to come to that party tomorrow night at your house '

Lola ' if i say yes will you leave me alone '

Luke ' with pleasure '

Lola ' great see you there 

after i gave him my address i walk to my car and ashton had a smug look on his face 

L' what is that look for '

we got in the car and i started to drive 

L' are you gunna answer me '

A'i saw the way you looked at him '

L ' what look i just met him'

A' what did he want '

L' to come to the party '

A ' really is he coming '

L' maybe '

A ' i kew you liked him '

L ' shut and get out and help shop '


we arrived at the shops to buy alcohol and food for the party , once we had everything i arrived home mum and dad sat on the couch with Zoe ashton and i walked in with all the bags 

Mum ' hey sweetie did you get everything for the party '

L ' hey mum and dad and yeah i got everything have you guys chosen a place to stay at '

Dad ' yeah we are gunna stay at the hotel up at Townsville for 2 weeks is that okay '

L ' that sounds great i hope you have an amazing time hey Zoe i got you something while i was out '

Zoe ' really what is it

i pulled out a huge teddy bear and her face was so cute it lit up like the moon 

L ' i hope you like it '

Zoe ' like it i love it '

Mum ' alright come on Zoe in the car time to leave '

Zoe ' bye Lola love you '

L' bye bye sweetie bye mum bye dad love you's '

mum and dad ' bye bubba have a good 2 weeks and bye ashton '

A' bye mr and mrs keys have a good trip 


once they left ashton pulled out the movies and i made popcorn and got the chocolate and ice cream 

L ' hows it going with Bryana you guys look pretty cute together '

A ' nah we broke up '

L' what why '

A ' she wasn't really into me she was just in it for sex 

L ' wow what a bitch '

A ' i know right but who can blame her i'm a good root '

L ' hahah you keep telling your self '

A ' shut up and watch the movies '

as we watched the movie i felt myself fall into a deep sleep i cant wait for the party tomorrow and i cant wait to see Luke to be honest  



















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