bad boy

Lola keys is just an average young girl she was beautiful nice body and was pretty smart although she wasn't a dork or anything her best friend was aston Irwin he had his group of friends as well but what happens when a new dark mysterious bad boy named Luke hemmings come to the school and becomes friends with aston will everything be okay or will he turn her world upside down....


12. chapter 11

Luke's POV 

Once we had the test i took Lola back home to her house and we walked straight up stairs to her bathroom and i was about to walk in with her and she shut the door in my face 

'Lola come on let me in i wanna help ' i said to her

" I don't need your help i have to pee on a stick its idiot proof " she said 

I laughed at her " Alright i will wait here "

it was about ten minutes i was just laying on her bed and she burst through the door with the test in her hand and flopped face down on her bed 


Lola POV 

every single one positive 10 test all say positive i went and laid on my bed and Luke grabbed the test and let out a sigh 

"Are we going to be okay " i asked him 

"Of course we are we have each other look we will tell your parents and it will stay between the family no one eles we only have a month left of school i will get a job and we will get a house i have money saved up and plus the fam bam are pretty rich and they will love having a grandchild okay" he said 

I gave him a kiss "okay but we better find a good house " 

he just laughed at me 'come let's tell the parents i will be right beside you"

"okay " i said to him 

we walked down stairs and i was holding Luke's i watched as my parents danced around the room with my baby sister 

"Mum and Dad we have to tell you something ' they turn and look at me and Luke 

'Yes sweetie what is it '

'Luke and i are pregnant look we are really sorry i never meant for this to happen but we are gunna keep it ' i said to them 

'Really that's great will you live here or some where on your own' my dad said to me 

i walked up and gave them both a hug 'it's will stay between us and Luke's family okay' i said to them 

"okay ' they both said

Luke and i walked but upstairs and laid down 


Luke's POV

'Hey we need to go to the doctors i will ring and call to make an appointment okay ' i said to her 

she smiled "Okay " 

i got up and went to her balcony got my phone out and made an appointment i walked back in and told her we have one tomorrow after school 

"Hey love i will go get some cloths from home and tell mum and dad okay do u wanna come or go to sleep ' i said 

' no i will stay here ' she gave me a kiss and i got in my car and drove to my house once i got there i told mum and dad and they were really happy for us i told them the deal and got my cloths and stopped by macca's for dinner for Lola's whole family i got inside and put theirs on the bench told them it was there and walked upstairs and gave Lola her's we ate had a shower together and laid in bed she rolled over and gave me a kiss and kept kissing me it got real heated she jumped on top of me and pulled my shirt off of me and i pulled her's off we got naked real quick and she went to roll of me and pull me on top of her 'hell no you are riding me today ' i said to her with a smile she grabbed my dick and showed it the into her she let out i slight moan and started to grind up and down me i let my hands guide the way of her it felt so good she bent down 'faster Luke go Faster ' i started going faster and faster until i felt her let go but i didn't stop and i quickly rolled on top of her going and going i stopped and i started to finger her she was letting out moans i fingered faster and she let go again and then i stopped she laid her head on me

'that was so good 'she said i let out a laugh  

we went to sleep 

Lola's POV 


I heard an alarm go off then i felt sick so i ran to the bathroom and started vomiting and Luke ran in and held my hair up for me 

" when is the vomiting going to stop ' i yelled 

he just laughed at me ' soon i promise mum said it's only for a couple of weeks ' he told me 

'i hope so ' i got up and washed my face and brushed my teeth hopped in the shower and washed my hair then Luke hopped in just as i was hopping out 

he looked at me and pouted 'sorry Luke but i have to get ready ' i said 

' Fine let me have a shower then ' he told me 

i got out and started getting ready i started drying my hair and Luke hopped out and gave us a kiss on the neck and it made me laugh once my hair was dry i braided it down the middle and walked to my closet and pick out a high waisted denim skirt and a black halter top and some black high top converse shoes and grabbed my hand bag and walked down stairs to see Luke made breaky i ate my toast and Zoe came running down stairs dressed 

'Lola can you do that to my hair ' she said as she pointed to mine mum just laughed at her 

'Sure baby sit here ' she sat up and i started on her hair 

'um mum Luke and i have the doctors this afternoon '

'I'm gunna be an aunty Luke ' Zoe said we all laughed 

"Yeah but you can't tell anyone ' Luke told her 

'Okay i won't ' she told him 

'Promise ' he held out his pinky she wrapped her pinky around his we all laughed at how he was such a kid once everything was done i grabbed my cars and Luke and i got in my car and i drove to school for once the day went pretty fast and i was glad because i want to see this little baby 

"Are you ready 'Luke said pulling me out of my thought 

"Yep lets go'i said we got to the doctors and i got Luke to fill out the paper work just as i looked up our name got called " Miss Hemmings ' i rolled my eyes at Luke and he just laughed 

'would you please just drop your pants and put this blanket on top of you ' the doc told me i watch Luke's eyes pop out of his head 'now put your feet up on theses here lease miss ' doc told me 

'Wait i thought you ran the ultrasound thing on her stomach ' Luke said the doctor explained the baby is to small to see we have to go up 

' But that area is supposed to be seen only by me ' he said

i slapped him 'LUKE  you can't say that '

he laughed and so did the doctor ' alright this might be a little uncomfortable ' he told me then all of the sudden we heard this little sound 'what is that 'i asked the doctor 'that there is the sound of your little baby ' he told us 

i look over at Luke and he had tears in his eyes and i pulled him over and gave him a kiss i was so happy that i'm having a baby with Luke  








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