bad boy

Lola keys is just an average young girl she was beautiful nice body and was pretty smart although she wasn't a dork or anything her best friend was aston Irwin he had his group of friends as well but what happens when a new dark mysterious bad boy named Luke hemmings come to the school and becomes friends with aston will everything be okay or will he turn her world upside down....


11. chapter 10

Luke's POV 

i woke up to something licking my face at first i thought it was Lola being kinky so i opened my eyes to see Pumpkin 

'Pumpkin what the fuck ' i pushed the dog away 

i turned around out of Lola's arms and went to the bathroom to take a pee and wash my face and while i was in there Lola came running in and was sick in the toilet 

i ran straight to her and grabbed her hair 'Lola are you okay love '

she looked up at me 'it must have been the pizza i'm fine '

i bent down to her ' babe i had the same pizza and i'm fine '

'Luke don't worry about whats the time ' she said while getting up

i looked at my watch 'Babe we slept all day its 3:30 pm '

she walked to her closet and got her towel 'i'm going for a shower and start getting ready '

'okay babe ' i said as i kissed her head 

i hope she is okay 


Lola's POV 

i did wake up feeling a bit sick until i vomited Luke was a bit worried but i hopped in the shower washed my hair and got out i walked out to see a butt naked Luke 

I laughed 'Umm babe what are you doing'

he turned around shocked 'um i was about to get ready '

i just looked at him ' mm whatever you say '

he laughed at me i walked over to my phone and called Darcy to come over with her new boyfriend

'alright be there in 20 love ' she said we hung up and i feed Pumpkin and laid out all my make up and mine and Luke's costumes and then Darcy walked up stairs and hugged Pumpkin 

i rolled my eyes at her ' hug my dog before me nice'

'what the dog is cuter ' she laughed 

'How was you night ' i winked at her 

'well if you must know he did stay the night and mum and dad love him ' she was smiling like a little kid 

i garbbed my make and started on her ' well thats good hey i woke up this morning and vomited ' i said worried 

she looked up at me ' have you used protection ' she said 

'thats a stupid question of course we have  ' I said to her 

'okay if your sure ' she said 

i was about 6:30 by the time we finished and the party had already started i walked down stairs and saw Luke i walked up and gave him a kiss 

'Hey beautiful i like your outfit ' he said 

'will you be my prince charming ' i smiled at him 

'always ' he said as he kissed me 

as the night went on ive had the best birthday i thought i should make a speech i walked up to the DJ and grabbed the mic 

'HEY GUYS  thank you all for coming to my 18th birthday its been the best a shout out to m beautiful boyfriend for setting all this up i love you and all of you's no everyone get out its like 1 am '

once everyone had left i went to bed with pumpkin and i could hear Luke cleaning up and then felt him come cuddle me and we went to sleep '


Luke's POV 


I woke up in the morning and decided to go get breakfast for me and Lola but when i walked down stairs someone was already making breakfast i walked in to the kitchen to see Lola's parents and Zoe with Pumpkin 

'Hey Mr and Mrs keys how was the holiday' i said to them 

'Hi Luke it was good how was everything here ' Mrs keys said 

'um it was good i see Zoe likes Pumpkin ' i said

Zoe looked up and smiled 'she's so cuteee  

i walked back up stairs to find Lola's face in the toilet again 'babe i think you should go to the doctors 

she sits down 'no Luke i'm fine it's the alcohol   '

i look at her 'that's funny cause you didn't drink last night '

'just past me my bag '

Lola's POV 

i look down at my bag and i know what's wrong i'm fucking pregnant i have to tell Luke 

'Luke take me to the chemist ' i said to him 

'okay ' he looked at me confused 

we got dressed and went to the chemist i went straight to the place where all the test are 

'Babe you don't think you could be pregnant do you ' he said 

' if i didn't we wouldn't be here but if we are it stays between you and the family ' 


this is going to be interesting 


















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