bad boy

Lola keys is just an average young girl she was beautiful nice body and was pretty smart although she wasn't a dork or anything her best friend was aston Irwin he had his group of friends as well but what happens when a new dark mysterious bad boy named Luke hemmings come to the school and becomes friends with aston will everything be okay or will he turn her world upside down....


1. chapter 1

 Lolas POV

Hey there my name is Lola Keys i'm 17 years old i have light brown long hair brown eyes and i've got a pretty good body not fat but not to skinny my best friend is Ashton Irwin in the guys of corse and my best girl friends is Darcy hood who is Calum hoods twin sister we all sit together with Michael as well today is the first day back at school and i cant wait i'm finally a senior with all my friends .


My alarm goes off and it's time to get up and get ready for school I hop in the shower and wash my hair with my favourite vanilla shampoo and conditioner after about half an hour in there I decided it's time to get out I walk to my walk in closet and pick out black ripped skinny jeans high wasted of course and a loose whit crop top with a long white and black cardigan and a bear of high heel black boots because it's the middle of winter walk down stair to see my mum and dad making breakfast I'm one of the lucky ones where my parents love each they have for like 20 years

Mum 'hi hunny did u wake up your little sister '

Did I mention I have a baby sister she's 6 and so cute I love her to death

L'no not yet did you want me to get her dressed for school '

Mum ' yes please sweetie and then come down for breakfast '

L' okay and I'm driving Zoe to school for you on my way '

Mum ' okay thanks bubba '

I walk up to my sisters room and she her sleeping I walk over and bend down


L' Zoe time to get and pick what u want to wear today for school '

Z ' morning Lola I want to wear the new pink dress you bought 'me

L ' okay come then '


By the time I got Zoe up got her dresses and had breakfast it was time to leave I grabbed Zoey's but her in her car seat and kissed mum goodbye dad was already at work he leaves before me .

I dropped Zooey of to school walked her in and gave her a kiss and said hope she has a good day at her new school my sister got bullied at her last school so we had to move her I know what your thinking a 6 year old being bullied well it happen people can be so mean .

I finally arrived at school and all my friends were there waiting for me and it made me smile I love them so much

L ' hey guys how are we

D ' hey love I'm really loving the outfit today

L' thanks beautiful

I walked up to Michael and gave him a hug and the same with Callum and Aston let the day begin I can't wait to so what this year has in Store for me....


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