Random Poetry

Some random poetry. Probably won't be much in here either.


1. Tomorrow is Another Journey

When you look at your future

You can only see the past

You let something out

And you can't take it back

Looking into the sky I see what we have together

A life with a family and a house

Though things may not always be great

But when you look at your past

Remember those things that made you laugh

It makes it that much easier

To get through the pain

To get to the hope

When you look in the future

And try to see what comes next

You become paralyzed in fear

That it will be something bad

But if you have the hope of a church

And the strength of a lion

The conscious an owl sitting in a tree

Surveying the possibilities that it will make it to tomorrow

When you look at your future

You can only see the past

You let something out

And you can't take it back

The damage you've done can't be erased

The good you'll do well you just have to wait

You can't change the past

But the future isn't permanent

You set your own goals in life

You create your own path

You are the one who takes the path

Or goes in the other direction

For better or for worse

May God only know

That no matter where you go

Always know

If you have the strength to keep going

The heart to care

The knowledge to overcome the obstacles

That lay ahead

You will make it to your destination

Keep your head high

Don't look back

Let go of what holds you

Take hold of what needs you

And move on with your journey

Onto the next obstacle that tries to slow you down

Times will be tough

Times will be sad

Just know in your heart that somebody cares

Know that you have friends in other places

Look for the right crowd; they'll help you along the way

Respect the ones who respect you

Give thanks to their kindness

Those things are rare in this world

Have faith in yourself and others

This creates high self esteem

It will protect your emotions

From being shaken by the bullies

Who will try in their highest power to stop you

Only you can make your dreams

come true

Only you can shape your way of life

You are whatever you choose

For the good or bad, just never loose hope

Never loose the hope that one day you will see a bright sky

Shining upon you

Lighting the dark inside you

Lifting your hopes of finding a way

A way to tomorrow

The path to success

To the end of the journey

And the beginning of another

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