Tessa's Homeboy

SEQUEL TO "HORAN'S HOMEGIRL"!!!!! Tessa and Niall have been through a lot. Now they have three daughters. Skyla, is now fifteen. Bella, is now ten, and Isla, is five. With their being a five year age difference between all of the girls, it's a little tricky... You have the teenager, the ten year old who thinks she knows everything and the five year old who is completely innocent, or so everybody thinks. But now, since a few years have passed and things are changing Niall and Tessa face new challenges involving all of their daughters... And when Niall suggests that they add one more addition to the family, will Tessa be happy? Or will she say 'No' on the spot? Face new challenges with Tessa and Niall in "Tessa's Homeboy". SEQUEL TO "HORAN'S HOMEGIRL"!


37. Summer Break

Tessa's P.O.V.


We only had a few months until the tour started ad so Niall had decided to take us on vacation.

He had had to make frequent trips back and forth to London and right now, he had some time with us.

So, we headed off to Hawaii and the girls were excited about it too.

After a few days of getting used to everything, Skyla started taking the girls to the pool and beach daily, giving Niall and I some alone time.


She was becoming so much more mature and responsible lately. I hardly believed what I was seeing.

Skyla had always been her daddy's girl, but she was her momma's girl too.

This tour was going to be different.

Skyla had really been working on her guitar skills and her songwriting.

She was going to be singing a little bit while the guys took a break backstage.

I was excited, but I knew that she was nervous.

A smile started creeping on my face.

The guys had actually heard her a few weeks ago...

She was in the music room, she was playing the electric guitar solo in "Better Than Revenge" by Taylor Swift.

Then she started playing the acoustic guitar and one of her songs.

They came up with the idea of her playing while they took a short break and everyone seemed thrilled.


She was growing up on me...And Niall too.


I was glad that she was turning into a beautiful young lady who respected herself and stood up for herself.

Because in a big world like this, you've gotta stand up for yourself...If you back down, you let society win.


Over Summer break, all of us enjoyed our vacation in Hawaii.

When we got back home, it was filled with sleepovers and pool parties.

Later on though, we started getting ready for school again and packing for the tour....



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