Tessa's Homeboy

SEQUEL TO "HORAN'S HOMEGIRL"!!!!! Tessa and Niall have been through a lot. Now they have three daughters. Skyla, is now fifteen. Bella, is now ten, and Isla, is five. With their being a five year age difference between all of the girls, it's a little tricky... You have the teenager, the ten year old who thinks she knows everything and the five year old who is completely innocent, or so everybody thinks. But now, since a few years have passed and things are changing Niall and Tessa face new challenges involving all of their daughters... And when Niall suggests that they add one more addition to the family, will Tessa be happy? Or will she say 'No' on the spot? Face new challenges with Tessa and Niall in "Tessa's Homeboy". SEQUEL TO "HORAN'S HOMEGIRL"!


25. Spring Break

Tessa's P.O.V.


Skyla was out with Cody, Bella was with some friends and Isla was having a play date.

I was at home, by myself today.

It was Spring Break and everyone was excited.... Everyone except the parents.

I, however, was not the type of parent to go stir-crazy when my kids were out of school. It was when they were out of School that I was happiest, mainly because we had more family time together.

Some parents didn't really know what to do, but in the Horan house, we knew very well what to do.

Sometimes, I took the girls places, others, we stayed at home doing things.

This Summer, the girls and I would be going on tour with the guys.

No one had told them yet, but they were bound to be surprised.


Skyla loved touring. She loved seeing her uncles (Even though they weren't related by blood).


I sat at the kitchen table staring out the window.

Niall was gone to London. He had to work on some extra stuff along with the guys for the tour.

Deciding that I wasn't really getting anything done by sitting here, I got up and started working on some things.


I did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, swept and moped the floors and cleaned the windows.

I was in the process of making my and Niall's bed, when I heard the front door open.


I walked to the top of the stairs and seen that it was Skyla.


"Hey sweetheart, how did your day with Cody go?" I asked.

"Great!" She says smiling.

She walks up the stairs as I disappear back into my bedroom.


I start making the bed again as she walks into our bedroom.

"Something going on honey?" I ask.

"No, I'm just kinda bored now." She says.

"Did Cody have to leave early or something?" I ask.

"Yeah, he was meeting some of his friends to go see that new horror movie that just came out." She says.

"And he didn't invite you?" I ask.

"Well, he did, but I didn't want to intrude on them... You know, since they didn't plan of me being there." She says.

"I know what you're saying." I say with a smile as I fluff the pillows.


"Mom?" She says.

"Yeah?" I ask.


"I was wondering if you wanna do something... We never really do anything anymore." She says.

I smile. "Sure, what would you like to do?"

"Well... What if we go get our nails done?" Skyla asks.

I smile. "I'll make us an appointment."

She smiles. "I'm free the day after tomorrow if that helps."

I smile. "That'll be great!"


She smiles and walks to her room.


I call and make our appointment and then finish making the bed.

Once I do, Niall calls.


"Hello?" I ask.

"Hey Babe, how are things at home?" He asks.

"Good, Spring Break and all.... What's going on in London?" I ask.

"Well, we're just working on the album and stuff." He says.

I smile.

The boys had all worked so hard and I was so proud of each of them.

"When will you be home?" I ask hopeful.

"The day after tomorrow. I'll drive home from the airport." He says.

"Are you sure? I can come and pick you up." I say.

"I'll be ok, thanks though Tessa." He says.

I smile, he was always thanking me.

"I love you and please be careful." I say.

"I will, see you and the girls soon." He says.


I smile, hanging up.


At least I knew that he'd be home soon. I missed him and wanted him here with me. The girls would be pumped about him being here for their Spring Break.


A/N: Sorry that I haven't updated in a while. I've been busy and trust me, I'm going to work harder on this one. I've kinda gotten behind... Please bear with me.












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