Tessa's Homeboy

SEQUEL TO "HORAN'S HOMEGIRL"!!!!! Tessa and Niall have been through a lot. Now they have three daughters. Skyla, is now fifteen. Bella, is now ten, and Isla, is five. With their being a five year age difference between all of the girls, it's a little tricky... You have the teenager, the ten year old who thinks she knows everything and the five year old who is completely innocent, or so everybody thinks. But now, since a few years have passed and things are changing Niall and Tessa face new challenges involving all of their daughters... And when Niall suggests that they add one more addition to the family, will Tessa be happy? Or will she say 'No' on the spot? Face new challenges with Tessa and Niall in "Tessa's Homeboy". SEQUEL TO "HORAN'S HOMEGIRL"!


2. School's Out

Tessa's P.O.V.


I come back downstairs after spending some time with Niall. He was going to take a shower and I was going to fix lunch.

I decided on making a sandwich. I made one for Niall too.


When he walked into the kitchen, I was sitting at the table eating. He sat down beside me and then started to eat the sandwich I made for him.


"How was your shower?" I ask.

"Good, would've been better if you'd joined me." He says.

"Don't go getting a dirty mind Niall." I say.

He smiles. "Kind of hard not too when you're wife is hot."

I laugh and roll my eyes.


"I can't believe that Isla is in Kindergarten this year... Really, I can't believe that Skyla's a Sophomore or that this is Bella's last year of Elementary School." I say.

He finishes his sandwich and puts his plate in the sink, coming back over to me and rubbing my back gently.

"I know. I can still remember the day that Skyla was born." He says with a laugh.

I smile remembering the memory.

"And what about Bella?" I say remembering her too.

"Yes, I'm glad that I was here that time." Niall says.

"And Isla?" I say with a smile.

"That girl was just like Skyla! She decided to come when I was in the U.S."

I shake my head and laugh.

"But yet, you made it back in time." I say looking at him.

"Yeah, just in the nick of time too. That nurse was running with me through the hallways trying to get me to you!" He says.

"Yes, because she knew that I couldn't wait any longer." I laugh.

He hugs me from behind.

"Oh Tessa." He says.

"Yeah?" I ask.

"Babe, I've been thinking lately.... Why don't we have one more?" He says.

My eyes widen, even though he can't see them. I turn around to face him.

"Niall." I say with my 'get real' face on.

"Tessa." He says copying me.

I laugh.

"Niall, you know that I have my hands full as it is. You're going to be touring next year and I'll be here with a newborn." I say.

"Not until late next year." He says. "And you can bring the girls and baby on tour with me and the guys. You know how much they love seeing their favorite niece's."

Even though they weren't they're real uncle's, they were in a way. Because the guys, were like brothers.


"Niall, this isn't Skyla when she was first born, we have other kids. Do you even have a clue what you're saying?" I ask. "You'll have a sixteen year old, eleven year old and a six year old running all over the place."

"Skyla might not be so bad, she's done it before even with Bella. You brought Bella and Skyla on tour, it won't be that much difference." He says.

"Niall, the thing is, is that that was when we only had two children, now we have three and if we have another, four. There will be a difference Niall." I say.

"Skyla could help you out, you know she's more than willing."

"I know, but I'd want to give her some free time too Niall. It's not fair that she'd have to help me with the girls all the time on tour." I say.

He sighs.

"I know you love kids, my little Irish fellow, but taking them on tour is another thing to ya know." I say. "Right now, I can deal with all of them on tour, but, if we were to have a new little one with us, that would be just a little bit heck tic."

He smiles. "You know it'll work out though." He says.

"Niall." I say in warning tone.

"Tessa." He says copying me again.


I smile. "You have a heart full of gold."

"Well, isn't that nice." He says coming closer than he already is.

He kisses my lips and places his hands on each side of me, trapping me.


He pulls away. "Think about it?"

His eyes beg me to, and I give into them like always.

"Ok, but I'm not making any promises."

He smiles and kisses me. "I love you."

"Uh-huh." I say as he pulls away.


I clean up the house a little bit and then at 3:30 P.M. I wait outside for the school bus.

Soon, they arrive dropping off all of my children.

I smile as they rush up to me. The buses pull away as they reach the porch where I'm at.

I smile. "Come on in, I wanna hear all about today." I say.

They come through the door and we all sit down at the table and talk. Niall sits next to me as always and I look at them.

"Ok, how was school? One at a time of course we'll go youngest to oldest." I say, then look at Isla. "Isla, you first."

"It was so much fun Mommy! We were doing the alphabet and then we counted and then we read a book and played and we also got to draw!"

I smile. "I'm glad that your first day of School was good Isla!" I say. "Bella, your turn."

"It was good, I got to see my friends and everything, class was ok,  my favorite part was going outside to play on the playground."

"I'm glad you had a good day." I say. "Skyla, your turn."

"It was ok, classes are boring... I got to see my friends and stuff." She says.

"Well, I'm glad that it was good, although I wish you had told me at least something good that you liked, other than friends and stuff." I say.

"Coach Bailey got hit in the face with a volleyball by accident." She says.

"That's not good!" I say with a grin on my face.

"No, but it was funny."

We all start laughing.

"Ok, now we all know the drill of coming home after school. Homework now, chores after, and then free time."

They all nod and Bella and Isla stay at the table while Skyla goes to do her homework in her room.

"Ok, what can I help you girls with?" I ask.

Bella looks over her stuff and then at me. "Actually I think I pretty much know this stuff, so I'm gonna go do it in my room."

"Alright, if you need me, I'll be down here.

"Isla?" I say.

"You can help me." She says.

I help her with simple math addition problems that are super easy for me, but a little hard for her.

"Ok," I say walking over to the fruit basket. "If you have two oranges, then you're supposed to add two, then what would that be?" I ask holding up two oranges.

She thinks for a minute. "Four?" She asks hesitantly.

"Yes! Good job Isla!" I say.

I finish helping her then it's chore time. The girls all pull their own weight around here, like Niall and I do.

"Today you'll have you're every day chores, plus a few.... Make your beds, bring me your laundry, and pick up your room if needed. Now, here are your extra chores... Sweep and mop your rooms, Bella you might have to help Isla a little." I say. "And then put your shoes up, please."

They all head off to do their chores and I stay downstairs and go into the living room to sit down with Niall.


"Well, I'm glad that they all had a good day today." He says.

"Me too."

"Why don't we take them to Nandos?" He asks.

It wasn't only Niall's favorite restaurant, but it was also the girls' favorite restaurant. I liked Nandos too, but I think that everyone else in our house like it more than me.

"I think that they'll like that." I say.

He smiles and we wait for our children to come downstairs. They all find us in the living room.

"Everything done?" I ask surprised at how fast they were.

"Yep." They all say in unision.

"Then, would you like to go eat dinner at Nandos?" I ask.

They smile and shout 'Yes'.

I shake my head as Niall gets the car keys and I grab my bag.

"Let's go!" I say.

Climbing into our SUV, Skyla gets into the very back, the bench seat, Bella and Isla sit in the two middle seats.

I climb into the passenger side and Niall gets into the drivers seat.

We drive to Nandos, listening to the radio as we go.

I laugh when the girls start sing along to the song playing. It was one of the guys' songs, and even though they heard their music all the time, they still loved it.


Today, they were singing along to 'Perfect' by the guys.


I was smiling and then  I looked at Niall as they sand the chorus.

He smiled at me and then we both started singing along to the song.

It was one of my favorites, and it was especially Bella's favorite on their album.

When we arrived at Nandos, we all went inside and ate. After our dinner I look at Skyla.

"Did you bring your permit?" I ask.

"Yeah, why?" She asks.

"You wanna drive?" I ask.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, you need to get more hours in so you can get your license." I say.

I hand her the keys and then get into the passenger seat.

Niall had Bella climb into the very back and he sat in Bella's seat.

Skyla, was a good driver. She never scared me when she drove. She reminded me of me when I had gotten my permit.

We made it home safely and then before you know it, it was time for the girls to go to bed.

Isla's bedtime was a little earlier than the girls', Bella and Skyla could stay up til eleven.


They all ended up going to bed and Niall and I got ready for bed too.

"Are you ready to do all over again tomorrow?" I ask.

He smiles. "Yep."

I smile and climb into bed next to him. He was shirtless and I laid my head down on his chest.

"Are we snuggling tonight?" He asks looking at me.

"Yep, we're snuggling." I say.

He chuckles and kisses my forehead. Then, we all drift off to sleep.



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