Tessa's Homeboy

SEQUEL TO "HORAN'S HOMEGIRL"!!!!! Tessa and Niall have been through a lot. Now they have three daughters. Skyla, is now fifteen. Bella, is now ten, and Isla, is five. With their being a five year age difference between all of the girls, it's a little tricky... You have the teenager, the ten year old who thinks she knows everything and the five year old who is completely innocent, or so everybody thinks. But now, since a few years have passed and things are changing Niall and Tessa face new challenges involving all of their daughters... And when Niall suggests that they add one more addition to the family, will Tessa be happy? Or will she say 'No' on the spot? Face new challenges with Tessa and Niall in "Tessa's Homeboy". SEQUEL TO "HORAN'S HOMEGIRL"!


38. School Starts Again

Tessa's P.O.V.


Deciding that they needed to get used to the Tour teacher, I let Miss Webber come to our home to teach them for the week before we had to leave.

She was happy about it and loved each one of the girls.


Skyla was sad that she wouldn't be at her highschool this year, but she knew that she had to come with us and  that she had a chance here to make her music dream come true.


As Miss Webber was teaching the girls, I was packing the last of the things we all needed.

We would be leaving for the tour tomorrow... Our first stop, Australia.

I smiled and finished packing, bringing all of the bags downstairs.

We would be taken to the airport tomorrow and would meet up with the guys in Australia.


Some of the girls were nervous, while Isla was completely excited.

I smiled at her being so excited, I'd never seen it before.


As their lesson ended and they were free to do whatever they wanted too around the house, they all came upstairs to Niall's and mine's bedroom and laid down on the bed.

"That was the shortest school day ever." Bella says.

I smile and roll my eyes.

"Yeah, maybe we should just stick to homeschooling, it didn't take near as long as public schooling and yet we were learning what we needed too!" Skyla says.


Isla snuggles up to me and I smile.


"I'm glad that you like it." I say smiling.


"When will daddy be home?" Bella asked.

"He should be home any minute now...He had a few things to take care of before we leave." I say.


They all sit up and smile. 



Tomorrow wasn't so far away and the girls were already ready for it.

I was too, to be honest.

As I walked by our mirror, I noticed that I was beginning to show just a little bit.

I smiled o myself and continued on with what I was doing.


The girls watched me and when Niall came home, they ran downstairs to greet him.



A/N: I know these last few chapters have been short and I'm sorry about that. I'm trying. 


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