Tessa's Homeboy

SEQUEL TO "HORAN'S HOMEGIRL"!!!!! Tessa and Niall have been through a lot. Now they have three daughters. Skyla, is now fifteen. Bella, is now ten, and Isla, is five. With their being a five year age difference between all of the girls, it's a little tricky... You have the teenager, the ten year old who thinks she knows everything and the five year old who is completely innocent, or so everybody thinks. But now, since a few years have passed and things are changing Niall and Tessa face new challenges involving all of their daughters... And when Niall suggests that they add one more addition to the family, will Tessa be happy? Or will she say 'No' on the spot? Face new challenges with Tessa and Niall in "Tessa's Homeboy". SEQUEL TO "HORAN'S HOMEGIRL"!


17. Christmas Break

Tessa's P.O.V.


The girls were finally out of school and ready for Christmas. They were all happy and wanted to stay home forever, although Skyla had made a few plans...

Skyla has three different Christmas parties to go too and they're all at her friends' houses.

Isla and Bella are staying home with me, watching Christmas movies.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty The Snowman, different ones.

They enjoy them and so do I.

Niall watches them with us and I smile.


Skyla walks down the stairs as she gets ready to leave. One of her friends was coming to pick her up and she would also be bringing her back.


"How do I look?" She asks.


I turn around to see her with a short red dress on, with black tights and some black heeled boots. She had curled her hair and put some make-up on.

"You look wonderful." I say with a smile.

"Maybe a little too good." Niall says furrowing his brows.

I elbow him in the side and glare at him.

I smile and turn back around to Skyla.

"Will there be any boys at this party?" Niall asks.



We both end up talking at the same time.

"What?!?!" Niall says putting his hands up in defense.

"Have fun sweetheart." I say with a smile at her.

She grabs her bag and jacket, the doorbell rings and she leaves.



She had two more to go to and so far everything was going smoothly.

Soon, it was Christmas eve... We were making cookies and everything and telling them The Christmas Story.

Then, they went to bed and so did Niall and I.

The next morning we were awakened by our girls and went downstairs to see their excited faces.


Bella opened her guitar and she gasped. Her eyes were wide and she looked up at us.

"Are you ready to learn?" Niall asks.

She smiled and ran to hug us.

Then, she went back and picked it up. "Yes!" She finally replied.

Christmas was a beautiful time of year. My family and I had a saying.... Jesus Is The Reason For The Season.

I believed that.

I smiled as I seen their smiling faces.


It was beautiful, and special....

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