3. chapter 3

"Okay boys....and, uh,.... Girl." My coach studderd. "We have a new and improved team this year." They all looked around. "A new player..." Our coach said while silence was in the air. He said that because the boys were confused. "A girl.... Named Rylee....." Then all boys looked at me and chuckled. "But coach.... That's a girl!" A blonde haired boy remarked. "Yes, Ashton , that's a girl." My coach and the boys chuckled. "Big moment here." My coaches explained. "Point guards are, Luke,ethan, and Rylee." Yes!

One the meet was over I hopped into my car and drove home. I then heard sirens, and behind me were the cops. The officer slowly walked toward my black shiny jeep. Their black boots clik-clacked on the gravel. "Afternoon officer." I said while I rolled down my window. "Hello, you have. Tail light out so just get that repaired for me please." I spoke quite quickly. "No ticket?" He looked at me, "nope." He laughed. "Thanks, officer....." I read his badge, "Dolan?" He nodded.

I plopped onto my coach and typed in,

Me: guys, your dad pulled me over after the nett today:0



Me: ya, but he didn't give me a ticket

Grayson: ;)

Ethan: good job dad!!!

Me: haha gtg

I lied. I didn't have to go, I just thought it was weird to text them. Grayson and I used to be the bestest of friends. One day in 5th grade, he stopped talking to me. I don't know why, but he did.

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