1. chapter 1

I slammed my alarm clock into the drawer of my nightstand. "No!" I shreiked. "It's too early!" I rolled all around my big bed. I dragged myself out of bed. "Common Rylee, wake up!" I said rubbing my eyes. I walked into my closet like a zombie. I chose a white long sleeved blouse that pushed my boobs up, black high wasted ripped shorts, and white nikes. Pulling myself to my vanity I said, "first day of school, basketball tryouts, slee-" I dozed off. Oh no, I have to see my ex, Luke Hemmings! I broke up with Luke because he was a very inappropriate man, wanted me to skip the things I love, and only liked me for my body. Though I never let him touch it, he still treys and dreamed. I went back on track and put my hear half up half down. Then I put my shiny nose ring in. I found myself walking down the stairs, then grabbed my book bag, laptop, granola bar, and binder. I stood for a moment thinking, "what Luke's target this year?!"


I walked into school happy, but shallow. I was happy for tryouts, but cranky because I don't want to see my ex, Luke Hemmings. But if course, I see a cute tall blonde having a one strap backpack. He's coming my way. "Oh God!" I whisper. "Hey dib shit!" He says. "Hey dick!" I said slamming my locker shut. "Don't be like that! I know you miss me." He says getting close to me. "No, never. I already have a boyfriend Luke!" I said shoving him away. "Who!?" He said holding up his fist. "A fridge." I laughed. He rolled his eyes and walked away. The bell rang and I was off to science.


I ran into the locker room and changed into our school colors. A blue crop top, white shorts, and black nikes. I pulled my brown thick hair into a high pony tail. I grabbed my special basketball with the word perfect carved into it. I ran up to the large gym. Fist we jogged, then scrimmage, then shooting. Jogging I was ahead every girl, scrimmage I made 20 out of the 22 points, and I didn't miss any shots. After tryouts, school was done. And coach stopped me. "Rylee, would you like to be on the boys team?!"

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