Big brother will protect you

After witnessing their parents brutally murdered. Three brothers, lee woon, rin and lee joon are left to struggle against the intensity life. The oldest of them is twelve years old lee woon, who trys to take care of his younger brothers on his own, these boys find hardship and comfort within each other, come along the journey of the their life, and witness their fate.


3. The road downhill

The day was slowly ending, it was dusk but, no one was tired, in fact everyone was so enthusiastic, the atmosphere in the car was a very loud and happy one. Mr. Lee was singing songs, lee joon clapping and laughing at his mother, Mrs. Lee making jokes and telling embarrassing stories about their father when he was yunger, Lee woon trying to croon with the rhythm of the song, and Rin smiling at the beautiful scene in front of him, while the family happily drove their way to the amusement park. Momentarily Mr. Lee stopped singing, he discerned a balck Chevrolet car, that followed exactly behind them, “I’m telling you babe”, “that car has been following us for a total 25 minutes now", he whispered. "Are you sure"? She questioned, Mrs. Lee wasn’t sure, if she has seen that car before. "why don’t you make a U turn right here", she advised her husband. The father turned the steering wheel, and made the U Turn, the other car did the same, Mrs. Lee was scared now, she was sure they were being followed. On the other hand Mr. Lee was looking for another way out, he alread knew they were follwing him, but now he felt cornered, every time the man tried to drive somewhere, the other vehicle would go in front of them and block them. The man found only one solution, he saw a forest road, Mr. lee thought it’d be a good idea if he drove there because the road was tight, they won’t be able to follow him, the man didn’t know how Wong he was. Mr. lee beom, gyrated the white van. “are you crazy”! Mrs. Lee screamed, “Don’t worry, I got this”, he dismissed as he raced the other car, he knew he could do it. But, Mrs. lee continued, only this time, she seemed much more angry, “you cannot drive like this!” “we have children in the car”! The lady shouted at her husband, Mr. Lee didn’t respond and sped into the forest road way, trying to lose them. when the creepy vehicle was out of sight, Mr. lee smiled at his wife, who was worriedly searching for the black stalker car, when she couldn’t spot what she was looking for, the 33 year old decided to celebrate, “woo-hoo! yeah”, she cheered. “Now, could you remind me", who’s the best driver”? Mr. Lee asked. “you are sweetie”! Mrs. Lee said childishly,“huh, me? really"? the man pretended, “yeaaas! The children encouraged him. At that moment Mrs. Lee turned to her love, "I think I might like you", she flirted, “so, you deserve this” the pretty lady said as she kissed him on the cheek. "umma~"! Lee joon and Lee woon whined, “don’t ever do that again, lee joon said with a disgusted face, “what, how do you think you were born”, Mr. lee tried to tease. Suddenly, the car from earlier dashed in front of them, then it came to a sudden stop. “Whow! Whow! Whow”! Mr. Lee shouted as they crashed into the other vehicle.                         

       *~ ------------------------------------------------------------ :~:--------------------------------------------------------------- ~*

Mrs. Lee sat up, her head was spinning, “is everyone okay”, she said anxiously, but no one answered, the worried mother took off her seat belt and frantically searched all the boys for any sort of injuries. “UMMA ( mom) it’s okay, no one is hurt”, lee woon tried to soothe her, after making sure his words were true for her self, Mrs. Lee sat back down in her seat, she looked over at her husband, who was holding his head, he looked abit somnolent. "okay, don’t worry boys, everythings gana be alright", she said to calm both herself and the children, Mrs. Lee picked up her phone to call the ambulase, but then, someone spoke. “ if its all fine, then why are you so jumpy”? Rin asked plainly, Mrs. Lee laughed sheepishly, “jumpy? who’s jumpy”? “i’m perfectly calm”, she tried to sound convincing. Peeeeeeeeip was the sound Mr. Lee heard, he had a throbbing headache and a small cut on his head from the airbag, nonetheless he was alright. The man turned to his wife and children, he observed them to make sure they were doing fine as well, which they were. Then he looked at the cause of the accident, the other car was still in the same spot, unmoving, and he heard no sound coming from the black vehicle. So the man decided to leave his, and make sure the people in the other car were still conscious, “where are you going?” His wife stoped him, “I need to make sure they’re still alive”, he mumbled. “After what they did to us”!? She asked, but before he could answer the lady continued, “they’re dangerous Beom suk, “plus, you don’t look so good yourself”, Mrs. Lee spoke irritated and worriedly. “look, I can’t leave someone to die”, “even if it is their own fault”, he tried to explain, but his wife wouldn't have it, she stared at her husband as if he was a fool and this was the most foolish thing she’s witness him say. "if something happens, I’ll run back to you", I promise", he added at the end. "fine", she sighed, Mrs. lee, really didn’t understand him, but, she let him go anyway. “ubbah (Daddy) no~ don’t go",~ “I don’t want to stay here without you”! Lee joon whinged, “don’t worry baby", abuchi ( dad ) will be right back”, Mrs. Lee comforted her son, “I know he will, because he promised”, she said through her teeth. Mr. Lee finally left his van to check on the hopeless others, he definitely hoped everyone was safe. Lee beom suk came closer to the dark vehicle, suddenly, the door of the car opend, fore men in black suits, calmly exit. one even coolly chewing on a piece of gum, the men wore gloves and each one of them held sniper guns in their hands as they carelessly made their way to him. Mr. lee felt tensed, and thought of returning to his van, sadly he never had the chance to even turnaround before he was crudely shot two times in the chest.

  *~ ----------------------------------------------------------- :~:------------------------------------------------------------- ~*

Mrs. Lee screamed at the sight of her love motionless on the ground, the man that shot him immediately turned his attention to her, Mrs. Lee felt fear fill in her and twist her stomach, this was the most frightened she was over her children’s lives. The men in black walked towards them Lee ah-reum panicked, she desperately pressed the clutch and tried to back up, but the van would’t move much, at that moment she knew what she had to do, the fearful women turned to her children, "get under the seat", she said seriously, "don’t scream, "don’t cry, and don’t come out until it’s over". "lee woon, don’t try to save me, "take care of your brothers, "now, go". She admonished in the most hostile voice she could sum. lee woon nodded in understand, he pulled his shocked brothers and held them under the seats as he was told, "I love you" ~, she whispered, what would be her last words. The four men surrounded the vehicle, “ooh~ what a pretty little thing”, one of the men joked insolently as he knoked on the widow, Mrs. Lee gathered all her courage then bravely pushed the door open. "Nu- lee joon was cutoff by woon’s hand covering his mouth, the child tried to scream and worn his mother, he wanted to tell her how dangerous it was to go outside, he wanted her to know that those guys were bad. But he couldn’t, his older brother that he once trusted, pinned him down, under the seats of the van and kept his hand firmly over his mouth. the mother wanted to get those dreadful, horrendous, monsters away from her children, she ran to her husbands body and held it close as she cried. The menacing men finally left the car and surrounded their mother, one of them pulled the sobbing lady off her husband. The cruel man lifted her up by the waist, she cried and kicked, “if you keep crying like this you’ll ruin your pretty face”, the man whispered into her ear, “no! Get “off me”, the frightened lady screamed, she kicked her legs trying to fight him off, the vice Man laughed at her pitiful attempts then he just tossed her to his partner, the other man caught the feisty lady, "comon man~" he complained, as he pushed her to the man next to him who then grabbed her by the hair. Suddenly "hey! A voice disturbed them, "stop this", "she wasn't even supposed to be hear but scenes she is", "finish the job!, the man said angrily. "fine by me", the man who first grabbed her said, while wearing a smug. During their conversation, Mrs. Lee thought she had freed herself, the lady tried to run to her lover, but the same man that saved her, also shot the poor lady in the leg. Ah-reum wailed from the pain, but she couldn't give up, the wilde women was stubborn, she felt obsessed with getting to her love, and a great craving to give him one last hug, Miss Lee used all her might to crawl. The black suit men pulled out their guns and shot the beautiful lady fore times. Finally, Mrs. Lee ah-reum stop moving, she laid there lifeless right next to her husband.

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