Big brother will protect you

After witnessing their parents brutally murdered. Three brothers, lee woon, rin and lee joon are left to struggle against the intensity life. The oldest of them is twelve years old lee woon, who trys to take care of his younger brothers on his own, these boys find hardship and comfort within each other, come along the journey of the their life, and witness their fate.


4. Escape

Lee woon tried his best not to let the tears in his eyes fall, he felt a mixture of anger, deject and fear all at the same time, but what he sensed the most was Contempt. However, the twelve year old had no time to cry, he craved and wished that he could save his mother from those immoral, ghastly men, sadly, Woon couldn’t, all he could do was what his mother had instucted him before, and that’s just what he tried doing, the boy was determined to save his brothers, whether they understood that or not. "Now", "isn’t that the most romantic death you’v ever seen", Eric made a snarky remark, the rest of them laughed, "Ey Mike", "did she have kids in the car"? One asked, "I don’t know, kim", Mike answered, "if you ask me, she like's her husband more then her kids", Eric says as he puts another piece of gum in his mouth, "how could she leave them like that", Mike adds, "whatever", "I don’t think I could point my gun and kill a kid", kim commented, "heh, that’s cuz you’re soft, Eric scuffs rudely. a member of them walked away to check on the children, “ look at this! The man standing at the side of the van, exhorted, "yes boss, the men say lazily", as they calmly make their way to the vehicle, "quickly dammit"! the pressurizer shouts sounding annoyed, the black suit men reach the van, "there’s nobody in it", the leader established. "whatcha talking about"? Eric rushed to the family van, opened the door and looked inside, but, found no children. "I knew it", says Kim as he looks thru the window. "but, how", "i'm sure the kids were in it", Eric says, he was clearly confused. "maybe they ran out whil you were playing around", Mike tries to make sense. "well, shoot up the car for just in case", the boss ordered, "and if they're out there"? kim questions, "if they're out there like you say", "we'll find them by car". he replied bitterly.

The four cold-hearted men shot the vehicle from all sides. Lee woon heard them talking about shooting their family van, he laid on top of his little brothers body, then he pushed Rin's head, so he was laying on his stomach with his face down. As the fir went off, one of the bullets gazed the oldest boy ‘s shoulder. lee woon bit his bottom lip so he wouldn’t cry, he held in the pain, and told himself if he cried the men would find him and his brothers, and then, they'll really kill them. When the shooting finally ended, The black suit men leader, dialed some numbers. "yes, "the jobs done", he said seriously, Then, he paused for a moment before he spoke again, this time the man seemed disterbed, "yes, she was with him sir", we got rid of her as well", again he paused, "thank you", he spoke, "me and my men are coming to get the money". Rin listened carefully, he didn’t budge, until he heard the other car drive off, the moment he heard that sound, the boy, crawled from under the seat he stood up, and pushed the door open, the apprehensive child started running, he went wherever his legs took him, Rin didn’t hear or see anything else, all he knew was that he needed to get away.

"No, "Rin", wait! lee woon shouted accidentally, the platinum haired boy tried to grab the younger's pant sleeve, but he was out of luck and couldn’t reach him, before the antsy boy left the vehicle. Lee woon almost ran after him, when realized his brother, lee joon wasn’t fighting him any more, the boy just laid there with tears in his eyes, staring into nothingness. Hes never seen his Dongsaeng (little brother ) like this before, and it scared him. Lee woon crawled from under the car seats, "let's go find Rin", the elder wispered, The other boy didn't even blink, he just stared. Lee woon reached over and Pulled the youngest from under it as well. Then the twelve year old turned around making his back to face his zombie like brother. "Com'on lee joon", "hyung ( big brother ) will give you a piggyback", "but, "we have to find Rin", the boy tried to convince his little brother. But Lee joon didn’t respond. Lee woon pulled his petrified brother on his back, "don’t worry lee joon", "i’ll protect you", he said as he stood up and carried him towards the open door. Suddenly, Lee woon heard a sound of a car getting closer, the fearful boy ran out of the van and into the forests.

            *~ ------------------------------------------------------------:~: -----------------------------------------------------------------~*

While the hit men drove away, one of them heard a faint scream,{"wait~"hey you guys heard that"? Eric questioned. Everyone stopped talking, and the driver stopped the car so they could listen clearly, This time, no one heard anything. "I’m driving back there", the boss informed his men. When they arrived at the scene, the door was left open, the men hurriedly ran to the damaged vehicle, two of them reloading their snipers. " kids", "got away", mike said coolly, "I’ll deal with the brats", "the rest of you stay here". The leader ordered them, "sure thing", they agreed. The trained killer ran into the woods, to look for the children.

Lee woon had known the black suit men would look for him, but the problem was. He couldn't run fast enough to get away, the twelve year old was carrying his insensated brother on his back, which slowed him down. Lee woon tried to just continue running, but with the branches, blocking him his viwe, small hills and logs, on the grassy ground, and the fact that the trees were so close together didn't help, it was almost impossible to keep going. All of a suddenly the man jumped in front of him, the dishearten boy tried to turn the other way, but tripped over a rock and fell to the ground, taking his little brother with him. Lee woon's face hit the ground first, he quickly sat up and looked at the most frightening face he’s ever seen. "Don’t move", the man ordered them, but Lee joon felt his own body shake out of fear, the man stepped closer and lee woon moved back, "I said don’t move", the man said coldly, "p-please don’t, lee woon pleaded, the man in the black suite only continued to get closer. "No! the boy screamed Frantically, "don’t kill him", "he’s my little brother". he said through tears, the boy stood up and held his arms out, blocking him of the the boy behind him, as if the assassin couldn’t just dispose the both of them if wanted to. The man stayed in his spot for a brief moment, he was amazed of how courageous this boy was. The evil Man scuffed, he reached down to the boys nek and grabbed it tight, but not enough to kill him. The boy cringed under the firm hold, then the man moved him from his spot, with ease, lee woon tried to loosen the painful grip from around his neck, but failed. "Look kid", "you know what my job is"? The man asked gruffly. The boy couldn’t respond, he just continued pulling at the stronger arm, maybe if he could just loosen it abit so he could breath, he thought to himself. But the more he tried to fight it, the tighter the grip became, the young boy groaned from the pain the man caused him, as his lungs begged for oxygen. Suddenly lee joon stood up and ran towards the much more stronger man. "Let him go"! He yelled, the poor boy had tears in his eyes, but still tried to look intimating. "Hahaha", The man laughed at the pathetic sceen in front of him. But, Lee joon didn’t give up yet, he gathered all his might and started throwing his arms around, hitting the man uncontrollably, "stop it"! "let my hyung (big brother) go"! "leave him alone you meanie"! The boy cried and screamed out as he punched the jumbo that held his brother. The man let his hold of the older boy go, then he landed a hard kick on the much weaker boy’s face, lee joon flew off balance, his body crashing into a stump.

(Lee woon P.V)

Lee woon was coughing and gasping for air. When he finally looked up, the tyrant, was no longer standing over him, he was busy watching his unconscious little brother. "Joonie! He shouted as he hurried to his aide. The agonized child found a trail of blood coming out of the younger's mouth, and a bruise on his face. Lee woon felt anger rise inside him, "why! He shouted at the ruffian. The older man put a bullet in the tree next to the blondes head, as a respons, then pointed the gun at the boy. "Watch your tone kid", he said cunningly. But woon didn’t blink, "why did you do that"? He asked again."well...actually, he hit me first", the man said with a sliy smirk plastered on his face. "If he can’t take a punch", "then he shouldn’t give them out", "don’t you think"? The hoodlum asked sarcastically. "Now let's talk about you", He said kneeling down to the boy’s level. The tall man put the gun under the boys Chin, lifting it up, so he looked him dead in the eyes. "You see", "I like you kid", "and I’m a compassionate man so I won’t kill you". The bold boy glared at the dangerous male,"But"if I ever see you again, "I won't be so nice", "I’ll kill you and your little punk brother". Now Lee woon was very much frightened, but he continued to put a brave face on. "And you can go ahead and try telling the police". The gunman went on, then the he took out his badge and showed the child, you know what this means? woon didn’t answer. "It means, "I’m the police chief", "You understand that kid? The man asked, sternly. This time, lee woon guk noded. "Good boy", the black suite man said with a fake proud face. And with that he pet the boy on the head and walked away.

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