Big brother will protect you

After witnessing their parents brutally murdered. Three brothers, lee woon, rin and lee joon are left to struggle against the intensity life. The oldest of them is twelve years old lee woon, who trys to take care of his younger brothers on his own, these boys find hardship and comfort within each other, come along the journey of the their life, and witness their fate.


2. Are you Happy?


Lee woon walked Rin around the house, he introduced the boy to every room, even the Maid’s room. “It might look big, but you’ll get used to it", lee woon said with a charming smile on his face. Rin still couldn’t help thinking the house was WAY too big for anyone to get used to. lee joon was sneaking behind his brother, least he thought he was, but he had too meany toys in his hands, making so much noise, to call it sneaking, the toys were banging against each other, and some even falling on the floor. "I’m sorry to disturb you", "young master", the maid interrupted, "it’s time to take your baths then head to the dining room for supper". At dinner time, Rin couldn’t stop his mouth from watering, he sat down at the fancy dinner table and looked at the meal, this was the most appetizing food hes ever seen, the child ate like it was his last meal. a week passed and the boys became closer, Rin still didn’t speak much, and lee joon still didn’t share his toys with Rin. However, Woon and Rin spent lots of time together, they made projects together, lee woon would teach Rin how to walk, act, and even talk, like a noble. In Rin’s naive mind, life seamed to only get better, he didn't even have to go to school, no one did, they all had their own private tutor coming to the house. It was just like a dream to the boy, before his mother took her own life, he wasn’t able to live like this. Rin’s mother was depressed, And Rin had to find out why, the hard way. Rin's mother, Aiko, was from a Japanese traditional family, named fujiwara, it was determined, she was to marry into the Akiyama family. But, Aiko helplessly fell in love with a mysterious, handsome Korean businessman, who came to Japan solely for work, she didn't tell enyone that she was seeing him, he told her to keep it a secret. One day the girl become pregnant, The fujiwara family disproved of the foreigner and the child in her womb. They commanded her to stop seeing him, and marry the man they have prepared for her. But, Miss Aiko refused. In conclusion, her father and grand father became so in rage, they disowned the girl. In spite of them the pregnant 16 year old left her beautiful country, and her five younger siblings, to follow the love of her life, to a new place.

When they arrived in Korea, the man, bought Aiko a nice and comfortable home, the couple stayed there together. But the misterios 20 year old never interdused her to his family, alternative the man was invariably hugging her, kissing her, and loving her daily. one peculiar day, he wasn’t feeling well, the man left out the front door, never to come back. Miss Aiko gave birth to Rin at home, and all alone. 2 years later, the baby grew very ill, the young lady did not know what to do with a sick child, consequently she went looking for her first love, after failing to find him, she made her next move, the girl apologized to her family and begged them for help, but, her mother shamed her, she forbid her daughter of ever returning. Aiko wen't back to looking for the father, for help, sadly, she never found him. The strapped inexperienced girl is forced to take care of the sick child on her own. Rin's mother always told him, she believes his father must be dead. and that's the story he went by. Until One day, Rin came home to see a body he used to know as his mother. her body just hanging by a rope around her nek, his mother died leaving him nothing but a piece of paper of who his father is, and where to find him. When the police brought him to his father, the man already had a family and didn’t need nor want him, so the heartless man left the younger at the door steps of an orphanage. Rin did not find it pleasant there, in fact he hated the place, it was so miserable. Finally the boy decided to run away, the forlorn child only found himself on the streets, he lived there for a few days, and despite his hunger, he never begged for anything from anyone. Even so, people still seamed to call him a beggar. Until Mr. Lee Beom suk landed his eyes on the hapless boy, the whit haired young man walked straight up to him and introduced himselfe, it sounded much like his own father's name, then he asked the ill-fated boy his name and calmly waited for an answer, despite the fact that Rin didn't trust him, he replied, after that, the man asked him all sorts of questions about where his parents were and why he was alone etc, the tall brown eyed man even bought him some food, Rin realized the stranger wasn’t going to leave him alone until he answered all his questions. Mr. Lee listened quietly up till the boy was done explaining himself, thereafter the man made some phone calls, then told Rin he was alright now," i’ll take care of you from here, on", he said with no doubt or hesataion in his voice, he also told him to call him abuchi (father), if he felt comfortable doing that. those words stole Rin's trust right away, and he hasn’t regret it since.

       ~*------------------------------------------------------------ :~:------------------------------------------------------------------*~

Mr. Lee came home late and tired all the time, yet, if the children were still up in their rooms, he would invite the boys to the master bed room, lay down with them, and read or tell them stories. "Ok boys", mr. Lee, said excitedly, "lets go to bed early", "so we can wake early tomorrow". "yes abuchi!~ (father) the boys said simultaneously. Tonight Abba (dad) seemed really happy, lee woon thought to himself. The next morning, as the lights flickered on, Lee woon heard a silk like voice singing, "the sun, the marvelous sun is up, so the world is wonderful~". He was in disbelief, that was his mother's song and her voice. Lee woon's eyes shot open, he was met with the beautiful hazel ones of Mrs. Lee ah-reum. The boy was speechless, he jumped out of bed and hugged her as tightly as he could, "Ummani! (Mother) was the only word he could say. Lee woon tried to look at her face to make sure this moment was real, but...he couldn’t see her clearly through the tears. “Oh no,~ i’m sorry sweetie,"this was supposed to be a happy surprise". Mrs. Lee said anxiously, “why? "whats going on here"? Lee woon heard what he recognized to be his brother's sleepy voice. He removed his tears right away, he didn’t want to be caught being a crybaby in front of his dongsaeng (little brother). "Ummani? Is that you"? Lee joon asked half asleep. "It’s me, Angel", she nodded eagerly. UMMAH!!! (Mommy) the younger boy cried. Lee joon ran to his mother with his arms open, hoping to receive a hug, but, Mrs. Lee swooped him up and kissed him all over his face. "My baby"! She said happily. "I’m big now mommy", Lee joon told her rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "I can tell, you’re so heavy", Mrs. Lee said as she put him down. the red head was now leaning over pinching joon's cheek. "Wow, my boys are so big", the proud mother commented. "Wait, where’s Rin"? Lee woon asked. "He’s right here", Mr. Lee said as he brings the ten year old in the room. "So you'r Rin, "I have heard about you". she said as she ruffled his dark hair. the boy quietly scrutinized the lady, she had short orange hair with lots of curls, and large beautiful hazel eyes. "What should I call you"? Rin asked seriously. Mrs. Lee was a bit dumbfounded, she tried to see his facial expression, but, the boy had none, he was nether smiling nor frowning. She smiled at her new son, " just call me Umma ( mom) okay"? Rin only nodded in response, which made her worry that he didn't like her. "Rin doesn’t talk much", lee woon informed her, "well that sounds great", Mrs. lee said jokingly, "we’re going to have to open him up", "and take all the shyness out of him! right boys"? "Yeah! Lee joon said excited. "Hahaha stop teasing the kid", laughed Mr lee, "he’ll open up to us by himself". The nex week went by smoothly, Mrs. lee was at home with the children all the time, so there was no need for a nanny, she made the home feel worm, lee joon started shearing his toys withe rin, even though rin really didn't want him to. At the end of the week, the promised day finally came. The family went on a picnic, then to the zoo, they played and raced each other on bikes. Mrs. lee and lee joon both won, Even Rin had fun. They went to watch a musical and were on their way to the amusement park, which only opens once every few years, for one day. It was going to be one of the happiest memory for all of them.

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