Big brother will protect you

After witnessing their parents brutally murdered. Three brothers, lee woon, rin and lee joon are left to struggle against the intensity life. The oldest of them is twelve years old lee woon, who trys to take care of his younger brothers on his own, these boys find hardship and comfort within each other, come along the journey of the their life, and witness their fate.


1. The stranger

Today was just like any other boring day to Lee joon, the boy was simply playing with his new toys he received just ysterday,(by throwing it at the nanny's head) yesterday was his BROTHER's birthday, but.... since he's the baby of the two, he natrully acquired lots of gifts as well. "Lee joon is the world's cutestst"," spoiled eight year old", that's the way everone descried him, he always had to have the new toy, new shoes and bikes, his parents were more then happy to provide him with anything he wanted. Lee joon's father was a vary wealthy man, and his mother's from a high standard rich family. That didn't stop them from being a loving, and very involved, parents, they showered their sons with gifts, love and concern all the time. That is, until two years ago, when they discovered that his beautiful mother, Ms. Lee, was suffering from cancer, lee joon’s world collapsed. After that, his mother was at the hospital every day. Mr. Lee couldn't ’t pay his sons too much attention either, the only time he would come home was at night, because, he was constantly back and forth at work or at the hospital with his wife. So, his older brother Lee woon, always had to babysit him. Surely they had a Nanny, but Lee joon was kind of a brat, the boy didn't like to listen to anyone, he would throw a fit if she even told him what to do. Lee woon, on the other hand, was Different, he loved his little brother, but, he was very respectful, the twelve year old was kind, caring, and gentle hearted, he was the oldest.

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“ jooni~ you should at least say sorry.” Lee woon tried to compromise, he was annoyed now, this was the third time Lee joon hit or threw something at the nanny, today. “Its ok woonii~” he doesn’t have to,” the nanny responded sarcastically,  "“he’ll start liking me one day,”ha! “yeah right!” Lee joon, sneered “why would i like you!?” yelled the hellion boy. Suddenly there was a ring at the door, the nanny decided to ignore him, and answer the door. “DAD!” the children cried as they raced to their father. “Haha hello children” said mr. lee , “you’re back early!” Lee joon announced, “yes i am,” “oh how were the children miss kim?” mr. lee asked, “lee joon was very bad today abuchi (father), Woon reported. "we all tried our best today", the nanny said with a fake embarrassed face”. Lee woon noticed a strange pear of green eyes staring at him from behind his father's back."aba", (dad)"who is that"? he asked pointing at the stranger withe his chin, Lee joon was in the middl of takeing up for himself, when he also noticed the person his brother was referring to,"who are you"? Lee joon asked grimly. “oh! I almost forgot", Mr. lee, said sheepishly, “com-on in,”the man gently pushed the mysterious person in front of him. he revealed a notable boy, the anomalous  seemed about 10 or 11 years old, he had jet black hair, and mint green eyes that looked like they would glow in the dark, he wore shabby clothes that were torn in some spots, and looked a bit dirty, despite that, he held a straight face, the boy was unreadable."OK boys” this is Rin", " he"ll be staying with us from now on, "as a son to me and your mother", "and a brother to you"."he is our new family member,"so pleas treat him as such"."Rin, these are your brothers", "Lee joon and Lee woon", "pleas say hello". Rin looked around him at the giant new home, then he observed the over indulged, Dench, superb boys for a moment before he spoke, he was never one to speak first, nevertheless, he did as he was told, “hello.” he said bluntly, the one withe gold orange hair was glaring at him while he spoke his word. Then, Lee joon turned to his father mr. lee, and whined, “why?"why should we pretend like hes family when hes not”!? he looks like a bum, and i don’t like him!” The brat kvetched as he stumped his foot."Gok lee joon!" mr. Lee said firmly,"he is my son, and your hyung, (big brother) and even if you don’t like him", "you are to show him some respect", "now apologize to him, pleeas".~ "NO! the golden haired scamp spat out with a frown,“he cant touch my toys either", lee joon said arrogantly, then he turns to Rin and said,"I already have a hyung"(big brother) he said as he stuck his tongue out, and ran up the luxurious stairs, disappearing behind one of the walls of the large mansion."lee joon~be nice, you might hurt someone",~ Mr. Lee complained as he rushed to follow his son. Honestly, Rin wasn’t hurt at all, he simply didn’t care, lets say those were miner insults compared to what he usually gets called , and it was true for all he was concerned, he was a bum and he wasn’t that boy's brother. “i’m sorry about my brother",  a voice shook him, “you don’t look like a bum to, you can play withe my toys.” the platinum haired boy said gently, as he handed Rin a wooden drone, " old are you Rin"? the nice boy (Lee woon) asked, Rin wasn't sure if he should reply or pretend he din’t hear the elder, at the end he decided to answer him. “ten.” he shrugged makeing it sound dull. "Really? Then call me hyung"(big brother) i'm twelve", Lee woon said with a bright smile, "just say Lee woon HYUNG, ok"? Lee yong seemed thrilled to have a new younger brother, and Rin wasn't certain why, still, he simply went along with it and nodded. "Well,well, you two seem to be getting along nicely", Mr. Lee spoke proudly, "hey, lee woon, "why don’t you show him around", "while I go get him some new clothes". "yes abuchi" (father). lee woon said obediently. Meanwhile, Rin was trying to figure out this new toy, he definitely wasn't someone who was really into toys, but... he’s never seen a wooden drone before, and he had to admit, it was pretty cool. Then the older boy’s voice disturbed him for the second time today. "huh, do you like it"? The blonde asked, Rin shook his head in denial. lee woon decided to tease the novice a little. "aah~ so you do like it, don’t you", he said cheekily, Rin shook his head again, he was embarrassed now. The truth was, he did like it, but, Rin was stubborn, and he would never admit that he liked such a useless toy. "If you keep saying no," I’ll never stop, "until you confess". Lee woon threatened, Rin felt self-conscious, he wanted to keep a straight face, but failed to. "I’m just kidding", lee woon said while he giggled, "you don’t have to say it if you don’t want to", then the boy added, "I made that, "so maybe after I’m done showing you around, I can teach you how to make one". Rin nodded eagerly, then, he realized what he was doing and shook his head. "Okay, I’ll take that as a.... yes"? Lee woon said more like a question, he seemed confused,"anyway let’s look around first, ok"? Rin was blushing now, he couldn't believe how foolish he was acting, he felt like face palming himself for being such a fool. Finally, he decided follow his new brother, around his new home.

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