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2. Issue 1: Get To Know The Author

The Hunger Games was written by a lovely lady named Suzanne Collins in the year 2008.  The trilogy, she has told sources, was inspired by multiple things included the Greek mythology and her father’s career in the air force. When she combined the two together, she came up with the story that the world now knows and loves.

Before the Hunger Games however, Suzanne was already an author to many books, including The Underland Chronicles, also a New York Times bestselling series.  Inspired by Lewis Carolls Alice in Wonderland, she debated the idea of what would happen if someone fell down a manhole instead of a rabbit hole and found something other than a Mad Hatters tea-party?

I sure don’t know what Suzanne thinks of while she’s taking a shower or lying in bed, but I wish I did because her imagination is wildly cool!

Over the years she has won many awards for her work as well as being named one of the Time’s most influential people of 2010 for the success of The Hunger Games.

I personally am not surprised at her success as an author considering the amazing story of Katniss Everdeen, but many are. Many criticize the book for it’s likeness to the 1999 novel Battle Royale. Written by Koushun Takami, the story is about a bunch of schoolchildren forced to fight to the death by the Japanese government. However when Collins brought this issue to her edit, asking whether or not she should read it, she was told not to as they didn’t want it to affect her own take on the matter.

There’s lots to know about Suzanne Collins and I wish I could interview her for myself, but here are some facts you may not know about this awesome author:

Suzanne was born in Connecticut on August 10 1962

- She graduated as Theatre Arts Major in 1980

- In 1985 she completed a Bachelor of Arts

- Collins earned her M.F.A in 1989 in dramatic writing

- She wrote children’s shows for Nickelodeon including Little Bear (*SCREAMS*) and Oswald

- Suzanne received a Writers Guild of America nomination in animation for co-writing the critically acclaimed Christmas special,  Santa, Baby!

- She has authored many young children’s books

- Collins is a Roman Catholic

- Suzanne Collins is married to Charles Pryor and has two children.

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