The Rose

William. His name is William, and that's all he knows with exact certainty. What are all these fancy decorations? Where is he? Who exactly is he? All he can seem to remember is the image of a single rose.


2. Shattered memory


   Shattered memories


   William shakes the memory off and looks back to Rose.

"So, um, about that Day of The Dead, and Halloween thing..."

"Oh, yes of course! That is what you came up to me to ask, isn't it? I am terribly sorry about my ramblings. I was simply lost in a memory of mine. You really do remind me of him..." She looks at William fondly once again.

"Now, Halloween originated from Pagan beliefs. It is hosted on October 31, every year. There is this thing called trick or treating, which is when one will dress up, go from house to house and say,'trick or treat', and may get candy from the owners of the house." She pauses for breath and continues.

"The Day of the Dead is largely celebrated in Mexico. It's to honor their ancestors, and passed away loved ones. They will go to the cemeteries and bring food in offering for the dead. There is a lot more regarding it, but I'll just tell you the shortened version for now. I feel that it's not the only thing you have a question about."

William jolts a bit when she states that. She hit it right on the head. But he thinks back to what she said.

Trick or treat. It sounds, no, he KNOWS that he once knew what it was.

His mind is like a labyrinth on a cold foggy night though, even he doesn't understand it. He can't fully recall much of anything.

"They all sound rather fun, huh?" William muses to Rose.

She laughs and replies,"Yes, I suppose they do."

A comfortable silence surrounds them.

Rose decides to interrupt it.

"So, may I ask as to why you don't know of these holidays?" She worriedly looks at him and touches his arm in condolence.

William first looks down to his feet forlornly, then decides to tell Rose, the kind older woman, the truth.

"I don't really know miss, I don't remember anything..." He softly looks back up toward Rose in fear and sorrow.

He's afraid of what will happen since he doesn't know, or remember anything, just glimpses of small shard like parts of his hidden memories.

"Well, that's alright dearest William. If you want, I can help you on over to our town's hospital. We'll see if we can get you some help with that." Rose encouragingly smiles him, causing William to brighten and smile back at her.

"That would be wonderful miss Rose." William jokingly teases.

Rose laughs at his charming antics.

"Let us be off then." She tells him.

 William takes a hold of Rose's arm and walks with her arm in arm down the promenade.

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