Diary Of a First Grader


2. Dear Diary.. 2nd Grade..

  Dear Diary,
              Hi again. I was happy to be going to school, but I don't like those girls. I love to learn, but I don't like to get bullied for loving it. Here's what happened in my second year of elementary school. Here goes.      
          I was starting the second grade in the same school, although, I wish I wasn't. I just hoped those girls weren't in my class so that I could have a nice year, without the teasing and bullying. I put on my outfit for the first day, grabbed my book bag, and went outside with my mom to wait for the bus. I got on my bus and sat in the front seat. I went to the window and waved to my mom. We got to school and I was the first one out of the bus. I went to the cafeteria and once again, I was alone. Everyone had friends and everyone had a group. I was alone like always. I saw Liza and her friends across the cafeteria looking at me, laughing. They called us down to the cafeteria to find our teachers. I went down and met my teacher, Mr. Lumis. He was a nice and funny teacher. I looked around and saw my other classmates. I didn't like what I saw. I saw Liza and one of her friends from her group. She was still laughing at me. We went down to the classroom and I sat in the front. Liza sat behind me again with her friend next to me. "Hey, remember me?" she said. I ignored her. I didn't want her to bother me or bully me anymore. I thought if I ignored her, she would leave me alone. I was so wrong. She pulled my hair and asked again, "I said, do you remember me?".  "Yes..", I whispered. " Huh? What was that? I couldn't hear you." She said. She and her friend laughed and high fived each other. "Yes, I remember you." I said, a little louder but still a little bit of softness in my voice. "Okay, so what's my name?" She asked. "Liza." I whispered again. "That's right. The little boy remembered." She snickered. Mr. Lumis came back inside and gave out the list of supplies we needed for his class. It was time for gym class so we got in a line and walked to the gym. Mr. Lumis left the gym when the gym teacher, Mr. Kane, came out of the back room with a bag full of sports activities. He told us to run or walk around the gym twice to warm up. I was running and I felt someone push me. I fell to the ground and Mr. Kane came over to me. He saw me fall but he didn't see Liza push me. What a surprise. "Are you ok? What happened?" He asked. I looked over at Liza and she was looking at me with a kind of evil glare. "I just tripped over myself. Sorry, I'm fine." I whispered. "Okay, come on everyone! Back to running!" He yelled.
          After gym class we had free time and I chose to go outside under the slide. Liza came over and pushed me. " Why didn't you tell on me?" She asked. "I don't know." I whispered. "Why are you so quiet? Aww, are you scared? Is the little boy scared?" She asked, and giggled. "Can you please leave me alone? I didn't do anything to you. Why do you keep bullying me?" I asked. "Because it's fun. silly." She said, laughing. I stayed quiet. I can't believe someone finds that funny. "It's time to go inside. I'll see you later, loser." She walked away, laughing to herself. After free time, the buses lined up waiting to take us home. Thank god she wasn't on my bus.
The next couple years were the same thing. Liza picking on me everyday, anytime she can. Why me, god? What did I do wrong? I just want to enjoy school, but I cant do that anymore. Why do kids laugh at me? Please, don't laugh at me anymore.

~"Don't laugh at me
   Don't call me names
   Don't get your pleasure from my pain
   In God's eyes we're all the same
   Someday we'll all have perfect wings
   Don't laugh at me"~~
                                                     -Mark Wills

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