Q&A Of A Emo Freak

You ask me questions. I will answer. I will try and answer every single question right away, but sometimes I won't be online. So you may have to wait!


32. Things You May Not Know About Me

Hey guys, no one is asking any questions so i decided to tell you guys so things you may not know about me so...yeah here we go


1. One of my eyes is gray, the other is bright blue

2. My favorite bands/artists are Black Veil Brides, Three Days Grace, 5 Finger Death Punch, Evanscene, Get Scared, and Breaking Benjamen

3. My favorite food is cake

4. I am a huge fan of Onision and UhOhBro

5. I have self harmed before and still do 

6. I'm considered to be antisocial

7. I have a mental disorders that makes me immune to mercy or guilt and I have no emotions, I am by medical definition a sociopath

8. I don't like people


And that is some things you may or may have not known about me!

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