Star Wars: Secrets of the Dark Side

With the Empire in ruin, Darth Vader must rebuild the Empire before the Rebel alliance makes the final, devastating blow.


1. Ambush at Echo base

 It was a frigid cold night on Hoth. Most nights on the ice planet are like that. Darth Vader was walking through the icy, barren, landscape. Behind him was an army of stormtroopers and other imperial soldiers. "Should we,uh, call in the tie fighters?" Asked a stormtrooper. " No need. said Darth Vader. They will cause way too much noise, and that may give us away. We should call in tha AT-ATs though. We need something to get through the thick defenses of the rebel's echo base."  After the AT-ATs arrived, they saw a few Rebel soldiers, which was a sign they were close. The stormtroopers easily defeated them. After a while , they found echo base and were attacked. Vader used the force and the stormtroopers were firing away. After a cold, brutal battle, the rebels surrendered the base, but Vader's real purpose of being there was to convince his son, Luke, to join the dark side. But before he could, Luke's x-wing fired up, and Luke, C-3P0, and R2D2, fled. " Until next time son. Until next time."  Said Vader.

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