true sweet love

Holly and her friends have there last year of high school what happens when they see 5 new hot teachers


1. they meet the teachers

Holly was getting ready for school as she did she called best friend Kat to see if she needed a ride to school Kat: hello holl Holly: need a ride to school Kat: yeah and how's your brother holly: he's good I'll see you in 5-10 mins ok Kat: alright Holly got a few more things done and went out to her care she was excited for school new teachers her brother teaching she hoped she didn't get to be in her brothers science class. Holly then got to Kats house Holly: get in girl last year of school Kat: yeah can't wait to see your brother and hope I'm in his class Me: I'm not I don't want in a class with him When she pulled in Kat: you ready Holly: yeah They walk in school and get the paper for there classes Kat: we have the all classes but the last hour Holly: yeah I have someone called Mr. Styles Kat: I have Mr. Horan holly and Kat: you have my brother that hour They giggle and go to class once last hour came they said goodbye and went there ways Holly's pov I got to class Kat told some what of her brother boy was I ready to meet him Mr.styles: morning class now let me tell her brother was hot I think I'm in love kat's pov holly told me some what of her brother I was excited to meet him when I took my seat there he was he was so dreamy love at first sight
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