Perfection is unattainable. But my parents do not know that. I live in such a perfect life, one that they are so proud of. I'm their perfect little Alexis. It's how I was raised to be. My older sister, Carolina, was sick and she couldn't ever be. Mike was until he got arrested. I couldn't be a burden to my parents. So, I laid low and became practically invisible. But, meeting Mathis Rae helped for me to feel noticed, and I never want to feel invisible again.


2. II

The only downside of moving to Pennsylvania is that it’s nine hours away, and unless I want for my jeep to be sold, I have to drive it to our new house. It’s approximately 3:30 in the afternoon when we leave our house, meaning that it will be just after midnight when we arrive at our new house. Possibly later, because of stopping for gas and to pee and such.

While I hadn’t had any friends to say good-bye to, I had to inform my current boss that I wouldn’t be working there any longer. I focused my eyes on the road, and turned the music up, thinking only about how much I enjoy driving alone. At about six o’clock, we stop for gas, and I run inside to pee, also grabbing myself a large coffee, to keep me going for six more hours. When my dad sees it, he sighs. “You know, I’m not planning to stop again until at least ten,” he says sharply.

I nod, “Alright.” But I know that to make it until ten o’clock, I better slowly sip it the entire way to the next rest stop.

We don’t stop at ten. Instead, after calling and asking if I have to pee yet- to which I say no- my dad says that he will tell my mom that we’re just going to continue driving to the house. Apparently, we got here much earlier than expected, and our ETA is in thirty minutes.

Even though it’s nearly 10:45 when we arrive at the new house. The first thing that I notice is that, from outside, at least, is that the house is considerably smaller than our house in North Carolina. There also is nearly no yard, with the house next door being pretty much right up against ours. However, this did not deter me from the exciting buzz I feel as my dad is instructing my mom and me on where to park. He and I will get the garage and she will park in the outer driveway, because she will be the one doing to her new job Monday.

Because it is a Friday Night, the small town is lit up. Not surprisingly, seeing as it is just the beginning of summer. For me, in North Carolina, school ended on Wednesday. We decide it best to only unload my mother’s car for the night, because it is not only parked outside but also has the smallest amount of things in it, due to the fact that it is much smaller than my jeep or my dad’s truck.

I only go to my jeep after we’ve moved countless boxes inside, without really unpacking them, to get my blankets and pillows. My parents had our beds shipped to our new house yesterday, so that we would have them to sleep in tonight. I quickly put my sheets on my bed and climbed into it, falling asleep more quickly than I think I ever have.

I awake in the morning to my mom calling for me, very loudly. Of course, moving means that we have a lot of things to unpack. First, though, I allow myself to look around at the house. Though the house is much smaller, I now have my own bathroom, something I find to be amazing. It’s connected right to my bedroom and even has a shower in it. Right next to my room is what will be a guest bedroom, if any of mom and dad’s friends should come to visit us. Then, down the hall, on the right side, is their master bedroom. Down a half flight of stairs is the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Then, down another half set of stairs is a second living room, which will pretty much serve as my mom’s office.

I venture out to my jeep, which only has my things in it, give or take a few boxes, and begin to haul various things to my room. I finish unpacking in about two hours. I decide to take a shower before my parents can make me do anything else.

When I finally go downstairs, my mother has unpacked enough for us to all have cereal. When we’re finished, I help her unpack the rest of the kitchen supplies, as my dad instructs furniture movers on where to put the couches and tables. She gives me an extensive list of groceries to go out and buy, despite the fact that I have no idea about where I’m going. “It’ll be fun,” she insists, handing me her credit card.

I drive, very cautiously down the road. If I was worried about where to go shopping for groceries before, I soon realize that I have nothing to worry about, seeing as this town is so small that the stores that are here, are all in one, nearly miniscule plaza. I go into the Trinkles, which I saw a billboard sign stating that it’s “the just right place to buy groceries”. As I find a parking space, which is surprisingly difficult to do, I lock my jeep and enter the store, beginning to find everything that my mother wrote down on the list. The supermarket is crowded, which comes as a slight shock to me, seeing as I only imagined about a hundred people living in this town.

I wait in the line and begin to pile my items up on the belt as soon as possible. The casher begin to make small talk as I watch him scan my items. When I finally look up at his face, my breath hitches. He’s certainly very attractive, with brown hair that says “I woke up with this hairstyle”.

“I haven’t seen you around here before,” he notes, getting toward the end of my items, “Also, this is a huge order.”

I smile, awkwardly, and fumble through my sentence, “Uh, yeah.. I, uh, just moved here.” Inwardly, I groan at myself. “My name is Alexis.”

“Mathis,” he says, offering a smile. “It’s nice to meet you.”

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