lobby boy

"hi, welcome to- oh,"
"don't look so shocked to see me. I'm just a pretty little rich girl."she smirked throwing a dollar into his face.


1. chapter one

I sighed, continuing to stare out the taxi window.

"Miss Thornton, must you look so upset?"

"You don't know the half of it."I mumbled clear enough so he could hear. Winston readjusted his bow tie in the rear view mirror as he cleared his throat and shot me a comforting smile.

"We're here."he said, British accent thicker than ever.

"Thank you, Winston."

"My pleasure, Miss Thornton."Winston held out his arm to guide me through the golden double doors of the hotel.

"Welcome back, Miss Thornton."smiled a familiar hotel attendant. I read a name of his name tag as Mr Watson.

"Thank you, Mr Watson."I returned his friendly smile and looked around at the gold-green theme.

"How are your parents?"he asked which caught me somehow off guard. People rarely used the plural parents after Mum passed. He obviously spotted his mistake as he gave me an apologetic look to which I excused.

"He's currently in Japan at the moment. Business is busy as usual."I sighed watching a few members of staff carry my pink pristine bags in. 

"Well, your room key is at the desk, I'll have someone send your bags up and, again, welcome back."
Reaching for my purse, I pulled out my phone, texting my brother to say I'd arrived. George was my older brother, who was supposed to be with me, but was delayed few days due to a cancelled flight from Italy.

"Hello, Miss and welcome to- oh."
His expression casual expression transformed droopy eyed and he flushed a deep shade of red. Attempting to regain his cool, he stuttered for words dropping a black ballpoint pen of the floor.
He wore a plain white shirt, a slim black tie wrapped around the collar, top button undone. His hair was long on top, short at the sides and his eyes flashed a clear tone of ocean blue. 
Noticing his ultimate change in both expression and behaviour I felt a smirk play my lips. Reaching out into my purse, I pulled a one dollar bill and ran it through my fingers.

"Don't look so shocked."I began, speaking steadily and seductively.

"Excuse me?"his pupils fixated on mine. His eyes were bewildered but the rest of his face remained neutral.

"I'm just a pretty little rich girl."I smirked, throwing the dollar in his face.

His eyes immediately widened at this and coughed stumbling back in his chair, avoiding looking at me directly.

"Uh, excuse me. Um, your-your name please?"

"Thornton."I let out an amused chuckle and fished out my reference paper from my handbag.

"Miss Tiffany Thornton?"the boy read out, slightly smiling at the screen. I bowed my head as a yes and waited for him to present me with my keys.

"Ah, okay, Tif- Ma'am."the boy awkwardly spoke, still blushing red.

"Your key is here. And your room number is 2202 as requested?" His words came out more of a question than a statement but I ignored his choice of phrasing and took the keys, following his instructions.

"Joe will carry your bags up for you." I looked over at the smartly dressed man piling my bags on a golden rack.

"....and I'm sure you're have a nice stay."grinned the lobby boy cheekily. I turned away from him before recollecting my purse and dropping it into my Prada handbag.

"That way to the elevator ma'am."

A/N should I base this off of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody or not? And also, what do you think? I wrote Tiffany and slightly arrogant purposely for the storyline. 

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