Runaway 5 sos

He hit me no not my dad but my boyfriend ugh I wish he wasn't but what happens when I get out of his grasp and I run and bump into 4 boys? Will they help will they even care Calum Ashton Luke michial I can't really spell sorry smut rape abuse kidnap


15. chapter 8

Alex's pov

I saw the back gate open should I run should I. I don't care I'm going for it I dropped the washing and ran for my life then I herd john shouting at me to stop I saw Luke he had headphones in I ran to him but triped up and he looked sad it hurt my heart i know cheesy but when he hurt it hurt. Me then I saw john then I was fighting and some random guy said "oi u leave that poor girl alone what has she done" John said "she ran away why would ur master think" the guy said "uh sick man" he grabed John and hit him. I ran to Luke he turned around and hugged me we walked home............

Luke's pov

What a sick guy I thought we walked for 30 minutes till we got back home we walked in and I shouted "we're home" everyone came running out and when they saw alex they started to cry soon enought she was engulfed in a 3 boys bear hug getting socked with tears it was like a flash flood I tell you I went to make some dinner and Calum was around her like a bodyguard.

Johns pov

Shit I can't let her get away I got up and followed them they lived in a semi-nice house I went back home and grabbed

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