Runaway 5 sos

He hit me no not my dad but my boyfriend ugh I wish he wasn't but what happens when I get out of his grasp and I run and bump into 4 boys? Will they help will they even care Calum Ashton Luke michial I can't really spell sorry smut rape abuse kidnap


13. chapter 7

Alex pov

I woke up ad tried to move but was tied up I screamed in frustration then the guy from yesterday walked in he untied me and put the lead back on he turned around and said "get back into this set" it was a red thing and a black laced push up bra he then gave me some hot pants and a crop top with some converses he turned around and said "wow baby is max gonna have fun with you" I looked at him and said "your just sad dude" he hit me and said "call me master I am your mater" I nodded he then he pulled the Lead hard he turned around and tied up my wrists we walked to Max's room.

Maxs pov

There she stood "come" she walked over I said "no crawl to me bitch" she crawled to me it was so sexy I asked john to leave and he did when she got to me I grabbed the lead from her and grabed her on the bed I grabed her wrists and pinned her down she was so scared I said " do u remember 3 words I told you" she nodded "what did I say" I said smirking she said "I-I'm y-y-yours" I got angry "don't fucking stutter bitch" she said "yes master I know I'm sorry and I'm your only" she started to purr I said " I need a favour like u did yesterday but to me" I needed her to suck me off she nodded I said "get to it" she said "can u untied me I can't reach" I untied her and she reached down and grabed my length and she started rubbing "yes alex now your mouth on there" she put her mouth on my length I moaned I looked down and she wasn't looking at me "oi I want u looking at your mater when pleasing him do u understand" I gave her a hard slap in the ass and she was looking at me when sucking my length " alex" I moaned "faster slave faster" she did "I'm gonna cum in your mouth and your gonna swallow" she nodded "your verry submissive today" she carried on untill I came in her mouth she then let go and I grabed her lead and said "I need you to hang the washing out imma sleep if u try to run I and the boys will make it painful for you" I smirked she left ahhhhhghhhhhh she is one good girl them darkness took over me

Jacks pov

I walked behind the girl and snaked my arm around her waist and her mouth and she started to cry I said in a harsh voice "baby girl it's okay I just need u after this I need u to do some things" she nodded haha and then I walked away

Mikes pov

Omg it's been 2 days and we don't know where she's been taken to i really hope she's okay and they haven't tries to hurt her I let out a groan of frustration.

Luke's pov

"I'm going for a walk" then there was a choruses of byes and be safe and don't worrie I put my music in and started walking

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