Runaway 5 sos

He hit me no not my dad but my boyfriend ugh I wish he wasn't but what happens when I get out of his grasp and I run and bump into 4 boys? Will they help will they even care Calum Ashton Luke michial I can't really spell sorry smut rape abuse kidnap


11. chapter 6

Michaels pov

I watched as alex was tied up and taped I cant imagine what there doing to her I groan in frustration "why can't I get these ropes off" I said Luke was tryna do the same.

Alex's pov

I was knocked out. When i woke up I saw a man and he was tall he looked like a bouncer he walked to me and cut the rope he shrunk to my size and said "we'll alex there is some underwear on the bed and a collar put then on OR ELSE" I nodded my head rapidly he creased my cheek and walk out I got changed so fast but I dint put the collar on I'm no dog nor am I there lapdog no way.

He came back in he walked over and grabbed the collar and put it on he clipped the lead to it and tied my hands up an he said " I want to have sex with you or I make it a threesome" how's that for u" he smirk I just purred hopeing he would leave me alone I just want the boys back. He said to me "sit down on your knees" I did I didn't want to have a 3some ewww I cringed at the thought. He then said "open your little mouth" so I did and he then put his length in my mouth he was thrusting and groaning it was soo bad I was gagging he then said "is it wet" I nodded he then put me to bed tied up and then he kissed my gore head and said "night night you did good today" I feel asleep.

Luke's pov

"Fuck this" u screamed Ashton said "are you okay mate" he scooted towards me I looked at him with teary eyes "no no I'm not what are they doing to her" mike said "dude I don't know but I do know this from what we have seen she is a fighter and I know she is strong" I nodded I saw Calum was free "do Callum bro get us out of here" he nodded once we where free we made our plan of action I just hope she's okay i know she will be okay I look at ash for back up he nodded I felt better and we carried on.

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