Runaway 5 sos

He hit me no not my dad but my boyfriend ugh I wish he wasn't but what happens when I get out of his grasp and I run and bump into 4 boys? Will they help will they even care Calum Ashton Luke michial I can't really spell sorry smut rape abuse kidnap


7. chapter 4

Michele's pov

(I don't know how to say his name) she was out like a light I was heart broken at the fact she was getting beat by her boyfriend just then like snaps his fingers an says "u alright mate" I nodded and then I started to cry but silently then like ash noted and said "mate what wrong" where's she's gonna live can she please stay with us she can be my sister just don't let her go back" I picked up Alex and held her while she sleeped.

They all looked at me and said "yeah man of course" I just was so sad that some dough bag (Shane dawson dough bag) was running threw my head then the song superluv (Shane dawson) and it was so wierd but it was perfect timing for the songs to play on my iPhone 5.

Alex's pov

I woke up and I keeped my eyes shut I herd mike (nickname) I herd him singing dough bag and it was so peaceful just then Callum goes "SLEEPING BEAUTY IS AWAKE GUYS" and mike shoot up and said "are u okay u should get then checked out" I just giggled an said " can u take me to a hotel" Luke said "why" I gave him the really look what do u think he said "your staying with is aroura" I said "wtf aroura" mike pops up with "sleeping beauty was called aroura" I said "yeah but I'm alex but whatever prince gorden" he gave me the wrf face I just sat up and my voice hurt "ow my voice hurts" and the Luke threw me a mount dew and I catches it he said "nice catch" I nodded "how long till we get to your house

"WERE HERE" I said "calm yo chess mate" he said "yes mom" I said "we will ground u wound be Hunny" I said walking to Callum he said " yea we will and no cholate" he said "that's abuse" I then tensed and flinched and froze everyone got really worried

Calum's pov

Luke said avoided and alex froze like an ice block I was shocked and said alex just then she started to cry luke said "I'm sorry I don't mean it" she just walked to like wih no emotion and hugeed him and said "it's fine" and bawled her eyes out Luke picked her up I'm a bridal style and she I grabed her batman and adventure time duffle bags and then something really caught me off guard I saw I but of cloth I dint notice what's was inside I just out. It in her bag.

Alex's pov

I just started crying I just felt really hurt and he brought back bad memories but it was okay because I knew he cared I knew it I was just tired I feel sleep in his arms I felt safe and I felt loved

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