Runaway 5 sos

He hit me no not my dad but my boyfriend ugh I wish he wasn't but what happens when I get out of his grasp and I run and bump into 4 boys? Will they help will they even care Calum Ashton Luke michial I can't really spell sorry smut rape abuse kidnap


5. chapter 3

I got home and i ran to the bedroom and I locked the door when I slide down it and then I started to cry when I herd max say "baby let me in or else baby and u will have pain and I'll have pleasure" I could feel his smirk it made me shiver to the bone just then I herd a click.

I was tackled to the bed and my arms where tied above my head and my legs where ties down and then he ripped my cloths of I was left naked I tried to get out his grip and then he slapped me so hard I tastes blood he started to grope my best I was crying screaming and then he took of his pants I was screaming and crying then he moved my legs and ties them so my vagina was on show.

His length was on show he crawled near my lower part (this was not the first time I had to admit) I was screaming he put his length in and my screams where cut of by his hand on my mouth and with he free hand he was playing with my clit and it hurt I was crying for him to stop but he carried on. And maybe after 2 or more hours I had passed out but before I did I herd him yell "you whore you can't take a good fuck then u deserve it you fucking bitch" then everything whent black

I woke up and I'm still tied up "uggggg" I scream in frustration and a tint of irritation I just struggle and struggle and I'm finally lose i get dressed and pack my bags throw them out the window then I heard max "Alex" he sang-song my name I was about to jump out when I was pulled in by My hair I posed him off and jumped for it I forgot to put make up on dame I was running for 40 minits tops an then I banged into 4 guy.

Lukes pov

Me and the boys where talking and walking when I saw a girl I think I wasn't sure she was pale and very bruised I was so lost in a dream I was. Knocked down by her she had been crying I think I'm not wikipidea so this is new but I felt bad I helped her up and she started crying so I gave her a hug I don't know what else to do I gave Callum the can u help me look and what do I do look he just walks over and said "hello there little lady why are u in a hurry" she just stopes and shock her head rapidly.

Alex's pov

Just then I herd max scream and growl my name "you little whore get your sorry ass home or I will beat u senseless" I saw him and ran behind Luke I herd Luke say "dude your a sick SICK BATERD how could u FUCKING hurt A GIRL" he laughed easily she's ain't no girl and she is just a whore " he smirked and Luke moved forward max took this as his chance he ran and grabbed a handful of my hair and said "like this we're going home and when we do" he got close to my ear "I will have fun and u will a shit ton of pain" Ashton said " I don't think so and hit max and max let go like pushed me into his car and told Ashton to hurry up and get in then we sped of to I think his house

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