Heaven Beside You

This was going to suck.
Ren is sent to a well known school in a small Washington town 'Pruitt's School for Young Ladies.' Where she is supposed to be reformed and made into a girl her mother could be proud of, there is a problem though.
Directly next to this all girl school, was another school 'North Valley School for Juvenile Offenders.'
A proper girl school with criminals right next door... What could possibly go wrong? Or right?


3. Heaven Beside You Ch. 3 - Say Something

I was woken up by Benny’s alarm.

“Sorry” she said low.

I sat up and stared over at her “What am I supposed to wear?”

“Wear whatever you want” she said as she pulled on a bright blue shirt with the cookie monster on it.

I nodded as I got up, might as well wear what I want while I still can.

I went to the small closet and I stared at the few pieces of clothing, this was all I had.

In the end I ended up wearing a black band shirt with a very colorful picture, and a pair of black skinny jeans with red vans on.

“Let’s roll out” Benny said standing at the door.

I nodded and followed her to the door; I had everything that I would need for my first day.

The first place I went was to the main building to get my schedule for my classes, and Benny was beside me the whole time.

1. Talking/English & Walking

2. Posture & Clothing/Dancing

3. History

4. Mathematics

5. Cooking

6. Fitness

Once we walked out I stared at the small piece of paper with six different names and six different rooms.

The first one I had with Benny, so I just had to follow her.

“So what are we doing in this class?” I asked her.

“We just learn how to talk and walk like a lady” she shrugged “Lucky us.”

I frowned; I didn’t want my first class to be an important one.

I’m usually a horrible morning person.

We walked into the room and I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to be sitting, but Benny pulled me down on the seat next to hers.

“There isn’t a seating chart” she stated “They assume we will behave ourselves so we can sit where we want.”

I nodded slowly, I suppose that made sense.

The room began to fill up and all we did was watch a video on proper dancing.

The next class I had to find on my own, it was room twelve and I walked in to an already full class.

I stood there awkwardly while the woman standing at the front looked at me.

Seems like everyone got here before me.

“Punctuality is very important to a lady” the woman spoke “Take your seat near the back.”

I nodded and sat at one of the empty desks near the back.

Great, this already sucked.

She talked about dressing properly and how we should sit. She walked the room and scolded me for a second time.

“You can’t call yourself a proper lady if you can’t sit up straight” she hissed “Don’t slouch.”

I glared forward as I adjusted my seating, I don’t like sitting up straight.

She walked back to the front “Very nice girls, very lady like.”

I fought the urge to roll my eyes, very lady like my ass.

The next class was a little more normal, History.

“It is important for a lady to know the history of her country.”

I was fine with it, History was important I didn’t doubt that.

The next class after that was math, which was another subject I didn’t care much for.

It wasn’t math I was used to so I think that helped my attention span a little, but this seemed more like math I would use in the future.

My next class was cooking, it was straight forward and it was most definitely a skill I could put to good use.

Benny sat next to me in this class so it was bound to be my favorite so far.

“I want you guys to make something sweet” the woman said “Cake is the obvious choice, so just try to make it right.”

I looked at Benny and smiled.

“You like cake?” she asked me.

I shrugged “I enjoy it from time to time.”

She giggled “Then we shall make a splendid cake.”

I grinned as we started making the cake.

She definitely seemed like she knew how to make one, I however was lost.

The only thing I knew we really needed was eggs, and eventually frosting. It wasn’t anything like making a cake from a box.

“Mix all that together” she pushed the bowl towards me.

I nodded and did my best to mix them all together.




The cake was finally finished and it looked decent.

I was in charge of decorating and it looked like a toddler frosted it.

“My kind of cake” she grinned as she tasted it.

“Is it any good?” I asked.

She nodded as she took another large bite of cake.

I smiled and got my own bite. It was good.

“We should save some” she said wrapping it in aluminum foil.

“Giving some to the boys?” I asked.

Her face went red “No!”

Her face said no, but the blush said yes.

“Its okay” I said “I was thinking the same thing.”

“I’ll walk around with it” Benny said “You just finish your last class.”

I nodded as I looked down at my schedule.

“Fitness huh” she said “Sucks to be you.”

I nodded “Yes it does.”

“Have fun anyway” she said as she stood up.

The class was definitely over.

I made my way through the grounds and I noticed the black gate once I was in front of the teachers for fitness.

There were several people on the other side, and I just found myself watching them when the teachers dismissed us.

Because I didn’t have the shorts and shirt I couldn’t participate in the game.

The longer I stared I realized Michael was one of them.

I was still mad at him, wasn’t I?

He was talking to a few random people and he just looked bored.

The girl they were talking to pointed in this direction and I watched as Michael turned to look.

I was still staring, could he see me all the way over here? Of course he could, if I could see him he could see me.

I found myself frowning when he smiled and waved.

The girl he was with looked pissed, and he just said something to her and she stormed away. He obviously called her a name and she left.

Why was he smiling and waving at me?

I turned my head and faced the other girls in my class.

Why did my heart speed up?

He was a perverted jerk and he knew it, he used women for sex and he didn’t care about them. I can absolutely not like him, ever.

I turned back to see if he was still looking and sure enough he was facing this way, talking to them but not taking his eyes off me.

I felt my phone buzz and I couldn’t help but think it was him.

My hand dropped to my pocket and I pulled the device out to see the name ‘Michael King.’

My heart sped up and I glared over at him.

I opened the message.

From: Michael – ‘Enjoying the show?’

What the hell was I supposed to say back to that?

I smirked to myself, why not play along? Cater to his ego.

To: Michael – ‘Thoroughly.’

I looked back over at him and he looked down at the message and just responded.

Part of me thought he was going to show the message to his friends but he didn’t.

It buzzed again in my hand.

From: Michael – ‘There can be a private one later.’

Why was he even trying to sleep with me? I really don’t understand why.

To: Michael – ‘And what would this private show entail?’

I watched the phone and waited for him to reply.

From: Michael – ‘Whatever you want.’

I felt my body heat up, I shook my head quickly.

To: Michael – ‘Why me?’

I asked him before I really even thought about it.

From: Michael – ‘Why not?’

I glared at it; he was just playing with me.

To: Michael – ‘Is sex all you think about?’

I don’t know why I even keep responding, he knew he was messing with me.

From: Michael – ‘Sex isn’t the only thing I think about.’

To: Michael – ‘Prove it, what are you thinking about right now besides sex?’

I felt my anger rising as I stared at the clock.

I opened the text as soon as I got it.

From: Michael – ‘Well I’m talking to you, so you.’

I stared at it blankly, he was thinking about me?

Don’t let it go to your head; it will eventually lead to sex. It is inevitable.

I didn’t even respond, I just put my phone back in my pocket.

It didn’t make me feel any better that he would openly tell me he wants to sleep with me, it just irritated me.

I know sex will eventually happen, but that’s all he wants. I am more than just a vagina, I am a person!

“Why is he looking at her?” I heard a voice not too far away from me ask.

I turned to see the same group of girls I encountered in the bathroom yesterday, excluding the blonde.

I turned back around to see Michael still looking this way.

Did he expect me to reply to that message?

I took my phone out.

To: Michael – You have a fan club over here.’

He was faster than I thought to respond.

From: Michael – ‘Like I give a fuck about half of those chicks.’

To: Michael – ‘Do you act differently when you actually like another human being? Or do you just treat everyone like they’re a hole to fuck?’

I gripped my phone tightly, if he knew what was good for him he would be the one to stop texting me.

“He is obviously working on his new conquest” the girl said “He doesn’t care about women, just wait though girls, I’ll get him to come around.”

I rolled my eyes and I felt my phone go off again.

Son of a bitch! Just stop texting me!

I looked down at the screen, if I didn’t open it I wouldn’t get pissed off at his response.

But I couldn’t not, open it; it was like a burning coal in my hand, I was far too aware of the unread message.

What did he say to that? Was he going to get pissed off and just call me a name and be done with me?

I wanted to know just as badly as I didn’t want to.

I clicked on the message.

From: Michael – ‘People are horrible, why should I treat them any better than they treat me? You are still a Virgin, so you don’t understand the appeal of sex.’

It pissed me off how right he was.

My phone went off again.

I glanced down to see another message from him.

From: Michael – ‘There are very few people in this world that I like, and even less I love. I treat them better than most people treat the ones they love.’

To: Michael – ‘I get it, I’m a hot tempered asshole. I just don’t understand you.’

I let out a low sigh; I know I have a temper. I know I speak before I think, I just don’t know why he pisses me off as much as he does.

My phone went off again and I was considerably slower to read the message.

From: Michael – ‘The second Benny decided she liked you, you became off limits to me. That’s why I like you.’

I stared blankly at the message, he just confirmed my suspicion. He was messing with me this whole time. He couldn’t make a move on me, so he wanted me to make one on him? I think he knows I won’t. That’s why he is as smug as he is.

What an asshole.

So he liked me because he couldn’t have sex with me?

That definitely irritated me, but at least I know where we stand.

To: Michael – ‘Thanks for that, now I know how fun I am to mess with.’

The next message he sent me I ignored, I wasn’t playing this fucking game anymore.

I heard whistles blow and I knew it was time to get ready to go. It took me a minute before I found my footing, I reached for the gate to help me stand and I heard a loud yell from the other side.

I barely touched the gate with the tips of my fingers, so my hands didn’t lock around the bar. A painful burn ripped through my body and my arms dropped to my sides and I couldn’t move.

Now that I studied the fence I could hear a low hum coming from the black gate.

I looked up to see a wide eyed Michael much closer to the gate than he should have been.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

I looked at him while I stayed on the ground.

What was I doing? I was pissed off at him… right?

He tried to stop be from touching the gate.

“Ren” he hissed “What the fuck were you thinking?”

I could hear the fury in his tone, but my legs wouldn’t let me stand.

First they were asleep now I don’t know; they didn’t feel like they were mine.

“The gate over here is on during school hours” he sighed kneeling by the fence “Don’t touch it.”

“Hey!” the voice came from my side of the gate.

I tried to turn, but then a teacher rushed to the gate “You need to step back young man!”

The teacher looked fearful as he approached.

“She touched the gate” Michael stated “I was seeing if she was alright.”

He sounded different, he sounded more respectful.

“I can handle it from here” the teacher said “But thank you.”

I felt arms grab me, one tugging on my arm and the other one lifting me from my other arm pit.

“I think we need to talk to the maintenance guy about turning the voltage down” he sighed “You’re completely limp.”

I wanted to retort but my body failed me, I couldn’t open my mouth and I couldn’t speak.

What the hell? Why would they have something like that between the schools?




I laid perfectly still in the school infirmary.

Well this blows, why wasn’t I told about the gate before?

I wanted to shake my head to vanquish the thought, but it was there like a blaring alarm.

My head throbbed and I could only sigh.

Turns out it was Mr. Robinson who brought me here, he wasn’t my teacher but he was nice enough not to leave me there.

The school nurse occasionally hovers over me and smiles.

“Are you getting any feeling back?” she asked politely lifting my arm off the bed.

I could feel her fingers on my skin, so I blinked once.

She smiled wide “That’s great.”

I licked my lips as I tried to speak.

“How long…” I said low.

She leaned in “What was that dear?”

“How long…” I asked “Until I can move?”

“Try” she said.

I couldn’t move my head at all; I felt my toes hurting as I tried to move them.

“Your feet are moving” she said “You’re recovering faster than I expected.”

I wanted to nod, but my body was immobile.

I heard a loud voice and I think I made a face.

The nurse opened the door and I could hear Benny talking quickly.

“Is she in there?” she asked “She wants to see me!”

“Do you want me to send her away?” the nurse asked.

“No” I said “Let her come in, please.”

She nodded reluctantly before calling her over.

“Thank you!” Benny snapped.

Once she was in the room she was on me hugging me.

“Oh Ren!” she shouted “What happened?”

I think Michael told her what happened.

“I touched the gate” I admitted “I didn’t know it would do this.”

“The gate is always on” she said “That is something your teacher is supposed to tell you, fitness is the only class the other school is practically involved with.”

I felt like an idiot, I should have heard the low hum before. The electrical current going through the gate should most definitely be changed. It was painful when I tried to move.

“Michael told me what happened” she said “He said he tried to help but a teacher made him back off.”

“Yeah” I said.

I don’t really remember why I was angry. I knew I was angry I just didn’t feel it anymore, I should, but I really didn’t.

“I’m sorry” I mumbled.

“Absolutely not!” Benny shouted.

“Keep your voice down” the nurse hissed.

Benny was quick to shut her mouth.

That woman even startled me with her tone.

“Can you move?” she asked.

I moved my head and I felt relieved, part of me thought I would never be able to move again.

She grinned “That’s fantastic.”

I lifted my hand and she was quick to grab it.

It was a great feeling, having her worry about me.

I felt like I was going to cry, but I willed the tears away. This was a good thing, I reminded myself. Someone actually gives a damn about my well being.

We laid there in silence and I couldn’t help but wonder about not being able to get my uniform if it came today.

“Are the uniforms here yet?” I asked her.

“No” I heard her chuckle “We should get them on Wednesday. How long do you think you were out for?”

I shrugged feeling a little silly, but she smiled at me.

“I got you a fitness uniform” Benny stated.

“I could have done that” I said.

“Not while you are recovering you can’t” she stated.

“Thank you Benny” I said.

“I’m your friend” she said “It’s what friends do for each other.”

“I’ll pay you back” I said.

“Don’t worry about it” she said “It wasn’t my money.”

I glanced down at her.

“The King can be quite generous” she said “He told me not to say anything, but I could care less.”

“Thank you anyway” I said.

“You a very welcome” she said “The boys are both worried about you too; maybe I can Skype in here?”

She said it but I saw her gaze going to the nurse.

“Keep it G rated” the nurse said as she got to her feet and she walked out of the room.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

Benny sat up next to me and helped me sit up too. She took the pillows from the other four beds and put them behind me to keep me up.

“Thank you” I said again.

She smiled at me and sat as close to me as she could.

I could hear the low beeping from the app on her phone as a worried looking Gus came into view.

Benny smiled “She is alive!”

I smiled sheepishly.

“You scared me” Gus said before sighing “When Michael told me what happened I wasn’t sure…”

“I’m alright” I said.

“Someone on this side died from that gate last year” he said “The jolt just stopped his heart.”

My blood ran cold.

“I didn’t know” I said.

“It is the schools responsibility to tell you that kind of thing” he said.

He sounded like a worried father.

There was low noise from behind Gus so he turned around.

“Is that them?” I heard a low voice.

“Ren is alright” Gus said.

The other occupant walked up to the computer and leaned down to look into the camera.

Michael smiled “Damn, way to scare a guy.”

“I’m alright” I said “Thank you.”

“That teacher was a fuck face” he shook his head “He filed a complaint and I can’t leave campus until Thursday.”

“I’m sorry” I said “I didn’t know.”

“Clearly” he nearly spat “The teachers obviously stopped telling students about that fucking Gate.”

I didn’t know what to say. All I’ve been saying are the same three things, I’m sorry, thank you, and I didn’t know.

I really didn’t, but I heard his voice telling me no, but I didn’t listen because I was mad at him.


I looked up to smile lightly “Sorry” I said.

“Can you move alright?” Gus asked.

I nodded “I’m still a little sore, but I can move now.”

I watched them both nod and let out a breath. They were really this worried about me?

My hand went up to cover my eyes.

“Ren?” Benny asked.

I shook my head.

Her arm wrapped around me, I think I was shaking.

“Is she alright?” Michael asked in a panic.

I couldn’t will them away this time. I cried and I didn’t want them to see me cry.

“Oh honey” Benny said low.

“What’s wrong?” Gus asked “Is the pain that bad?”

“I can get you something” Michael stated.

I shook my head “Thank you.”

My voice cracked but I meant it.

I barely had my mom, my little sister and I weren’t close anymore, I had no one.

I leaned into Benny and I cried into her shoulder.

The hand she held her phone with she turned to only towards her.

“I think she is a little overwhelmed” she said.

“Strangers worrying about you can do that” Michael stated “But I get the feeling that isn’t the whole thing.”

I wiped my eyes and I smiled at them through the camera on her phone.

“It’s been a long time since someone had worried about me” I said wiping more tears away “I am very happy.”

Benny hugged me tighter and I watched as Gus grinned. Michael stood there and I couldn’t read his expression, he looked vacant.

Here I was thinking that moving here was going to be the worst experience of my life, but I was very wrong.


Chapter Four: Welcome Home

I woke up to the familiar alarm and I sighed.

Benny groaned from across the room “Is it Wednesday already?”

I nodded after I glanced at my phone.

She groaned again before sitting up.

“Why can’t it be Friday already?” she asked.

I smiled lightly at her.

It already felt like home here, and I was enjoying it.

The classes are still very new to me and I still need some getting used to those, but everything else felt better.

“Are you hungry?” Benny asked.

I nodded.

We were up a little earlier today to eat breakfast and I was thankful, it was very good.

We sat in the cafeteria and I ate while Benny spent her eating time texting Gus.

“Love birds” I smiled.

She grinned up at me “Are you still up for this weekend?”

I nodded “What are we doing?”

“Michael insists on mini golfing” she said “So I guess we will be doing that.”

I nodded slowly. He insists?

Why did he insist?

“Did he say why?” I asked her.

She shook her head “He said he just really wanted to golf.”

I felt myself smile.

Even though it probably wasn’t for me, I could still believe for now that it was.

The King can be quite generous indeed.

I smile wider at Benny “Mini golfing sounds fun.”




I sat next to Benny in cooking class and I frowned at the yarn and the colorful sticks.

I know they weren’t sticks, but I didn’t know what they were called.

“Do you know how to knit?” I asked Benny.

She made a face “Not really.”

We were both screwed.

“Maybe we can ask Michael” Benny stated.

I looked at her funny.

“What?” I asked.

“Michael can knit” she stated.

“Can Gus?” I asked.

She shook her head.

I wasn’t sure how to process this new information.

Michael, the King, can knit? Juvenile Michael?

Benny smiled at me “His grandmother taught him when he was younger.”

“What about his mom?” I asked.

She looked at me “There are very few things that can’t be brought up in a conversation where Michael is involved; his mother is one of them.”

“Can I ask why?” I asked her.

“You can ask” she stated “But it isn’t for me to tell you.”

I nodded slowly, so I was right then. Something to do with his parents was one of the reasons he was the way that he is now.

“And I can’t ask him about it?” I asked.

“Only if you want him to punch you” she said “I’ve seen him go off on quite a few people because of it.”

That sounded scary, would he really punch me?

What if I told him about my father?

Wait, didn’t I already tell him about how brutally I was picked on before?

“Michael won’t care” she interrupted my thoughts.

“You don’t know what I was thinking” I stated.

“You could tell him that you were raped, and he still wouldn’t tell you” she sighed.

“Do you know about it?”

She nodded and I saw her face.

He must have had it pretty bad as a kid, but he had Benny and Gus, so that probably made it better.

At least I now part of the reason Benny worries so much about him.

“Was it really that bad?” I asked.

She met my gaze before nodding “Yes.”

I felt a pain in my chest; I want to know what happened.

His mother hurt him? The scars on his back…

I didn’t ask anything else about it, and I could see Benny relax.

“Hopefully he can teach us how to knit” I said “Because I am hopeless.”

I smiled sheepishly at her and she smiled back.

Poor Michael, his mother must have beat him.

How old was he? When did it finally stop?

The bell rang and I left Benny to head to Physical Education.

I went into a bathroom stall to change into the dark gray sweats and the pink shirt Benny had got me. After I was dressed and my clothes were in a locker I headed outside.

I was free to sit on my ass for the rest of the week because of the gate incident.

So I sit in my usual spot, yes the one near the very same gate.

A shiver ran down my body once I felt a vibration from my leg.

The only one dumb enough to text me right now was Michael.

I still hadn’t read that message he sent. I didn’t want to know either.

I just sat still as I watched everyone play Tennis or Basketball.

My phone went off again, and again.

I pulled it out to see that it was a phone call.

Part of me wanted to ignore it, the other part didn’t.

I pressed the green accept button.

“Hello” I said.

“Ignoring me today?” he asked amused.

I glanced behind me to see him sitting alone.

“Obviously not” I said “I did answer the phone.”

He chuckled “Yeah you did.”

I waited a minute but he didn’t say more.

“I actually have a question for you” I said.

He took in a breath “What is it?”

“I have a project in cooking, and Benny told me that you know how to knit, and I just wanted to know if you could help me with it?”

“Knitting?” he asked “It isn’t like a five minute project, knitting takes hours.”

I made a face.

“I didn’t mean for you to do it for me” I stated “I just don’t know how to knit, at all.”

I expected a laugh, but I didn’t hear one.

“I can teach you” he stated.

“Thank you” I said.

“Hold on” he said quickly.

I turned around to see a few people walk up to him. All of them wore the same black pants and white button down shirt and gray tie, except for the girl; she wore a knee length black skirt.

Voice One: “Who are you talking to?”

Girl: “Is it your girlfriend?”

Voice Two: “Damn Michael, another one already?”

Michael: “Do you guys mind?” he asked irritated “I’m trying to have a conversation.”

Girl: “With who?”

Voice Three: “Yeah I’m interested too.”

Michael: “None of your fucking business.”

I sat there awkwardly, was I meant to hear this?

Voice Two: “Damn, is this one that good?”

Voice One: “I Doubt it, Michael has an addiction to the pussy. She’d break before he was satisfied.”

I frowned making a face, but I strangely found that interesting.

“M-Michael?” I asked “I can always talk to you later.”

Michael: “Fuck that” he said before sighing “I’m sorry you have to hear these fucking idiots.”

“I don’t mind, I just…” I was interrupted.

Girl: “Excuse me?” she asked offended.

Michael: “Shut up!” he snapped “I’m trying to listen.”

I hesitated before continuing.

“I just don’t know what they are going to say” I stated “Or if they’ll say something you don’t want me to hear.”

Michael: “That won’t be a problem” he said “I can find a bathroom.”

“Why a bathroom?” I practically squeaked.

Voice One: “Kinky.”

Voice Three: “That easy huh?”

Girl: “What a fucking slut.”

I felt myself getting nervous.

Michael: “She is not a slut, unlike you. How many times have you begged to suck my dick today?” he asked “Too fucking many and the day isn’t even over yet.”

It was definitely awkward now.

Michael: “You’re a dumb fucking cunt Mandy” he hissed at her “Learn to shut that dumb fucking trap of yours.”

It was silent now.

No one came to her rescue, and even she didn’t try to defend herself.

“Don’t you think that was kind of harsh?” I asked him.

“Not even a little bit.”

There was a minute of silence and I looked back to where he was before and he was gone, the other four now occupied the spot.

“Since I’m going to the bathroom anyway” he said “Want to make some noises for me?”

My whole body felt his words.

“Why would I?” I tried not to hiss.

“I can get her to suck my dick while you make the noises, it will feel more like the real thing.”

“I don’t want to be a part of that” I ground my teeth.

What an asshole.

I had to think for a minute before I said anything.

“Do you really have a sex addiction?”

“And if I do?” he asked “Will you?”

“Why do you even want me to?” I hissed.

“I can always do it myself and you can listen.”

“Stop messing around” I hissed.

“Who said I was kidding?” he asked.

His voice didn’t give him away, I think he is serious.

“Why?” I asked.

“Why?” he hissed “Is that all you ever ask?”

“I thought I was off limits” I said in a pleading tone.

“I don’t see you in front of me” he stated “I’m not touching you, so stop whining.”

Was he serious?

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Did I strike a nerve?” he hissed.

“Not what I meant” I said feeling my whole body shake.

“Then please specify” he said.

“Are you seriously going to the bathroom, to do that?”

“Do what?” he asked irritated.

“I knew you were messing with me” I glared at the ground.

“I have no idea what you are talking about” he stated “I could have a shy bladder, maybe a little noise from you would help distract me.”

“Liar” I growled.

“It’s not like it matters anyway.”

“I am tired of you messing with me” I hissed.

There was a short silence.

I heard a low ding from the other end.

“Michael?” I asked.

“I’m not messing with you” he stated “Now are you going to listen or not?”

“I’m not going to make noises!” I whisper yelled.

“I asked if you were going to listen or not.”

I sat there.

Did I want to hear this?

“You’re still messing with me” I said “Aren’t you?”

“Never mind” he hissed “I’m starting anyway.”

My whole body shook.

He was starting…

He let out a low sigh, and I was quick to cover my mouth to stifle my gasp.

He was really doing it, with me still on the phone?

“Ren?” he asked.

“Y-Yeah?” I stuttered.

He sighed again “Just checking.”

He said it low, but I’ve never heard that tone from him before.

I’ve heard his kind voice. I’ve heard his annoyed voice, his mad voice, and his bored voice.

This was his… sex voice?

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked.

I heard a low groan.

“I wasn’t away I was doing anything to you” he stated.

I felt all the blood rush to my face.

“Should I be louder?” he moaned low.

“N-No!” I gasped.

Another groan came from him.

I had to pull my legs closer together, I felt it.

He was doing something to me; my body was starting to throb.

“Why?” I whimpered.

He growled “Don’t ruin it.”

“I’m sorry” I said quickly.

“If you’re really sorry make a noise.”

How did I know he wasn’t messing with me? Someone might be there and they could be listening.

“Ren” he said “One sound.”

He was breathing harder; his face was closer to the phone mic.

Was he using both hands?

“You’re really doing it?” I asked.

“Yes” he hissed “You are the worst person to do this with.”

I gasped low. He promised to help me knit later, but how could I look at him after this?

“Okay” I said low.

He sighed again.

“Are you using both hands?” I asked.


“Oh Michael” I said wearily “Keep this to yourself.”

“I have no reason not to” he stated.

I nodded to myself.

The sound of whistles stopped me.

“God damn it” he hissed.

“Hurry up Michael” I said.

“Waiting for the big finish?” he asked.

“Yes” I said low “You started it, now finish it.”

“I intend to.”

I felt it again between my thighs.

“Graham!” the coach shouted.

“Hold on a minute” I told Michael “Wait for me to change.”

“I’ll try.”

I slipped my phone into my pocket and I went into the locker room.

I left my sweats on and I changed my shirt back to the old worn out band shirt.

The girls in the locker room were giggling.

Girl One: “I’m so horny right now.”

I felt my face go red, I needed to hurry up and get out of here.

Girl Two: “Too bad you can’t leave campus today.”

Girl One: “Its fine” she said “I do it myself all the time.”

With that, I was out of there.

I was quick to leave my last class and I brought my phone back to my ear.

“Michael?” I asked “Are you still there?”

“Still here” he said.

He wasn’t being a smart ass, he wasn’t being mean, and I just didn’t get it.

“How does it feel?” I asked low.

“Who are you talking to?” I felt an arm wrap around me and I nearly jumped out of my skin.

“Hey Benny” I said.

“Who’s on the phone?” she asked.

Damn she was persistent.

“Michael” I stated.

I didn’t want to lie to her.

“Oh” she said “Did you ask him?”

I nodded “He said he would help us with the knitting.”

“Hi Michael” she called.

“Don’t put her on” he said.

“He said hi” I lied.

She grinned “I’m going to get some lunch, you coming?”

I nodded “I’m going to put my stuff in the room first; I’ll meet you in the cafeteria.”

“I can always come with you” she said.

My body shook, I was panicking.

“Damn it Benny” Michael sad low “I’m going limp here.”

“I was going to call my mom” I stated “I can meet you there.”

She shrugged “Okay.”

I smiled at her as she shrugged and walked away.

“Nice save.”

“I really do have to call my mother” I sighed.

“Hurry up and make noises then” he said “I can only squeeze for so long.”

“W-What?” I gasped.

“Get to your damn room.”

I walked quickly holding the burning phone as close to my face as I could.

“Almost there” I said.

“Me too.”

“Shut up” I hissed feeling my face heat up.

“I’m serious” he sighed “Please hurry.”

I had a bad thought.

“So that’s what it is!” I gasped once I figured it out.

“Don’t make me ask” he said.

“You are nice when you are horny” I stated “That explains it.”

“If only that were the truth” he said.

So then he wasn’t nice?

“This is much different” he stated “I am at your mercy, you promised to make sounds for me. If this were actual sex I would be in control, going at my own pace.”

I unlocked my door and tossed my stuff on the floor by my bed.

“Good, you’re home.”

I wasn’t sure how much more my body could handle. Would I be like the rest of those girls, begging him to give me release?

“Okay” I said low “Are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready” he stated.

Of course I already knew that, I was just trying to prepare myself.

I sat on my bed as I tried to shake the nerves off.

“Ren” he sighed.

My blush returned.

The only thing I could think of, to get an actual moan besides doing the same thing he was, was to remove my clothes.

It was hot out today.

“Alright” I said as I used my shoulder to hold the phone against my face.

I pulled the sweats down and I felt cool air rush against the burning skin.

I moaned low.

He moaned right after. He was breathing harder.

I pulled the arm without my phone out of the sleeve, and I held the phone with that hand while I pulled my head and my other arm out.

I moaned again, the cold air still wasn’t enough.

“Fuck” he said low.

“What is it?”

Girl: “Michael?” she said “Everything alright? You’ve been in there for a while.”

He didn’t make a sound.

“Michael?” I asked low.

I felt a little stupid as I stood there in only my bra and underwear.

He just shushed me.

I made a face.

Two can play that game.

“Then maybe I shouldn’t tell you” I said as seductively as I could.

He didn’t say anything.

Girl: “Michael?”

“Hey Michael” I said low “I’m only wearing a bra and panties.”

He groaned “God damn it.”

I smirked to myself “You have to finish.”

“I will.”

“Come on” I said.

I hadn’t realized how much I was looking forward to him actually finishing.

What would he sound like?

Girl: “Come on Michael, I can help.”

I was silent, I couldn’t help. I couldn’t touch him; I could barely manage to moan for him.

“Don’t let her help” I murmured “Make her go away.”

He moaned low.

“Michael” I said low “Please.”

I didn’t want her to touch him, and I hated myself for feeling jealous.

Michael: “Mandy?”

Mandy: “Yes? You can unlock the door.”

Michael: “Get the fuck out” he hissed “I’m busy in here.”

Mandy: “Come on, let me in.”

Michael: “Fuck off” he growled.

He was really sending her away.

I sat on my bed and I had to close my legs as tight as I possibly could manage.

Mandy: “Michael, let me in. I’m already wet.”

She said it low, and it was definitely a porn voice.

Michael: “I don’t give a fuck” he growled.

Mandy: “Why are you acting this way? You never want me to touch you, I don’t understand.”

Michael: “Because I’m not interested” he said “Clearly.”

Mandy: “Fine, but even if you beg I’ll never put your dick in my mouth!” she shouted.

I heard a door slam.

He groaned “If I knew it was going to be this difficult to masturbate I would have just gone to class.”

“You’re ditching?” I gasped.

“Our bells are on the same schedule” he stated “No more school talk.”

“Okay” I mumbled.

“What color are those panties?”

I suddenly stopped hating the word.

“Black” I stated “My bra is red.”

He moaned louder.

“Did you finish?” I asked.

“Not yet.”

I nodded even though I knew he couldn’t see me.

“Are you feeling it?” he asked.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t” I admitted.

“Have you ever done it yourself?” he asked.

I sighed “Yes.”

“Ever put your fingers inside?” he asked low.

“No” I said.

“Has anyone else used their fingers in you?”

“Why does that matter?” I asked.

“Are you trying to piss me off?” he hissed.

I made a face. Piss him off?

“Me not answering pisses you off?”

“I’m trying to picture a pure untouched body” he hissed “I need to know if anyone ever touched you.”

I really wanted to mess with him now.

It wasn’t fair that he was doing and saying things like that to me.

“I used to have a girlfriend” I lied “She was very good with her tongue.”

“You’re lying” he growled.

“She knew I was saving my hymen for a man.”

“God damn it Ren” he growled “I’m serious. Has anyone ever touched you?!”

“No” I said low.

“Good” he sighed.

“Are you kidding?” I hissed “Good that I haven’t been touched?”

“I can only imagine how good it would feel to be inside of you.”

There it was, my legs were shaking and everything around me felt hot.

“Stop saying things like that” my voice was shaky.

“Ren” he moaned.

“S-Stop” I shivered.

“I’ve never been with a virgin before” he admitted.

He was really thinking about having sex with me?

“Hey” I practically snapped “I didn’t give you permission to think about me.”

“The second you said yes to making noises you gave me permission” he said “I didn’t even start thinking about you until you told me what you were wearing.”

That didn’t make me feel better.

“Is the first time painful?” I asked.

“It can be, yes.”

“Was it painful for you?” I asked “Your first time?”

He went silent.


He gasped and a groan followed right after.

“A-Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m relieved” he breathed.

I didn’t need any sexual innuendos right now; I just asked him a damn question!

Wait… he finished?!

“You know” he said “The other day, when I said there were other ways of doing it, I meant it.”

“What do you mean?”

The hell? What is he talking about?

“If you really are trying to save yourself, there are other ways to have an orgasm,”

My face went red “What?”

“You’re being difficult Ren.”

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say” I admitted.

“I can be the first man to touch you.”

“Stop” I said “I’m not ready for anything like that.”

“You can be the first girl I use my tongue on.”

“Shut up” I pleaded.

“What?” he asked amused “You can talk about someone else licking your clit, but I can’t talk about me licking your clit?”

“No!” I whined.

“That’s hardly fair” he stated.

I missed the horny Michael; he was much nicer… and less mean.

“There is also anal, but that’s more painful.”

“No” I snapped.

“It’s okay; you don’t seem like the type.”

“It’s much easier for you to say things like that; you’ve already lost your virginity.”

There was complete silence.

“I-I’m not ready yet” I said “And I want to fall in love, I don’t want emotionless sex.”

“Sex is euphoric” he said “Afterwards your body will feel all the emotions your mind can’t or wont. It will be worth it.”

“Not the first time” I said “I know that much.”

“If done right” he said “It can be a good ache.”

I stared at the brown carpet in my room.

“Was your first time a good ache?” I asked.

“No” he said “It was the worst experience of my life.”

My eyes went wide. Was he serious?

“Why?” I asked before I could stop myself.

My brain to mouth filter was currently down.

“I’m not talking to you about this.”

So his first time was in the ‘do not mention list?’

“Okay” I said “Then what do you want to talk about?”

“Monday” he said “Why were you crying?”

I really didn’t want to talk about that.

“I was tired.”

“Don’t lie” he hissed.

“Then I just don’t want to answer” I stated “It has to do with my family and my family is on my ‘do not mention list.’”

“Benny said something to you” he said irritated.

“Nothing bad” I sighed regretting what I said “She told me you could knit then the knitting led to your grandmother. Then I asked about your mom and she said not to ask you about her.”

He didn’t say anything.

“That is all she said” I stated “I swear.”

He still didn’t say anything.

“She also said that you’d punch me” I said “Are you mad at me?”

“You didn’t ask about her” he sighed “So no.”

I sighed relieved.

“I understand” I said low “Things happening and you needing to keep it a secret, believe me.”

I heard him sigh “Ren?”

“Yeah?” I asked.

“I have to go” he stated.

“You have to?” I asked “You can’t stay on a little longer?”

“My phone is going to die.”

My gaze dropped to my feet after I brought my knees closer to me.

“Okay” I mumbled.

“I’ll talk to you later, alright?”

“Okay” I said again.

“Bye” he said before the line went dead.

I wanted to throw my phone, to be less stupid, to feel less horrible… I just don’t know.




I sat angrily in the office as I stared at the thick book of school rules, and the two plastic bags that contained my new uniforms were laid out next to me.

 “You have to request an outside pass a day in advance” the woman told me.

“My mom sent me a package and I need to pick it up.”

“I can write you a pass for tomorrow” she said “But you have to be back before 9pm.”

I nodded, I was certain I could handle that.

I nodded as I felt better.

“Thank you.”

I watched as she wrote something down and then she handed me a small pink paper.

It said ‘Day Pass.’

I gathered all my things and I left the office with a grin.


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