The thoughts of me myself and I

I will just put random thoughts in here whenever I feel like it. read at your own risk :P


3. 11/8/2015 8:14 P.M

I was just thinking about what happened this week with me and one of my friends.

We sere talking and some how we ended up having this conversation

H: My eyes are shiny like rainbows, and I mean the good kind not the bad creepy kind.

Me: There's a bad kind of rainbows? (sure don't even ask about the creepy kind past me!)

H: Yes like the one I saw in my dream with T-Rex arms googly eyes and spider legs. 

Me: *Laughing**snort**Laughing*

H: You snorted o.o *backs away into a corner* This corner is for non sorting people!

Me: *equally shocked that I snorted*

A: *starts laughing and snorting like crazy*

A: Not you too!!

*me and friend 2 move towards her and she screams "AH SNORTERS, SOME ONE HELP ME!!"

Or it happened something like that either way it was both funny and weird :P

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