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I'm entering in the Dear Diary... Movella's competition. I'm very new to Movella but since I am a writer I though why not join.


3. Dear Diary || three


Alright. I haven't been on for A REALLY LONG TIME! I apologize for not coming in much. I have been really busy with school and basketball and then there are friends that I care for that need help and stuff but I had time in between to write but I decide to go on social media. Not a good choice if I want to become an author and publish books like Wonder or The Hunger Games or other books like those.


Moving on...


Dear Diary,

Today is March 17, 2016. Holy goodness. Let me also tell you about what happened the day before too! I'm gonna start with when "he" (my crush) told me I was one of his very freaking good friends. I've never been so confused in my life before! I'm so happy. But sad cuz what if he just wants to be friends with me and not anything further than that? Whatever, I'm still young. But still, my heart was beating so fast and my face started feeling heated and my stomach was exploding. Not actually but it just felt like that. In most situations I would be blunt about everything but right here, I was telling people to stop winking at me and telling me to say I like him and everything. No. Thank. You. Okay let me explain why and how it happened. Let's give this crush a special name. How about, a nice name like Jason? Yes okay. It was lunch time and I walk into homeroom wondering why we had to go to homeroom to eat since we usually eat in a big lunch area we call the drop zone. Junior highs allowed only to eat there. Anyways, I walk in and sit beside one of my very good friends  and my bffl. We talk about laugh and eat lunch and then I see Jason holding a fat bag of chips. Okay quick filler. Me and Jason are actually really good friends and the chances of me being in a friend zone is 50%. WHY? I don't know. I'm pretty sure he likes me back but I don't know. People say he does but I don't believe them so I'm just waiting to see if he's the right one. If he likes me, he better come and tell me soon. I ain't chasing after anyone. Alright, back to the story. So Jason has a fat bag of chips and I want the chips since I never get any chips from home. I ask him, "Hand some over." He understands why I be like that. Because I have that type of personality. Anyways, he's like fine, since you're my friend and I was like, yep that's right, come to mama. And I eat the chips.

Major fast forward! It's June 19th right now! Haha I haven't been on for a while now. So much has happened and I don't think I have enough time to even explain! Anyways, exams are this week and I'm stressing out and mother nature had to be a b****. Sorry for language. I've been studying a lot and right now I'm just taking a quick break. I know for them Americans that you guys are already having summer break but sitting here in Canada I still got to finish exams. Lucky Americans. Moving on, I've had two detentions this year (surprise, surprise!) and my mom is angry about that but I'm just here like "I could be doing drugs right now. You should be thankful I'm not a druggie." Please be thankful for you children parents. Just had to put that out there. ALSO! For all my Episode Interactive fans out there somewhere, I've made a story on there too! I know, I'm all over the internet and I need help. haha. Haha. seriously please help me. My story on Episode Interactive is "Is It Love?" and I have another story coming up called "Summer, Adventure, Freedom". I'm so excited for people to read it. Any who, my Insta for episode is episode.abbz so go follow me there for sneak peeks and to see me be weird and wacky and totally embarrass myself there. Thanks! 'ight, so, what else to talk about...... I've been a bit upset. I've said that before. Hmmm..... I've been a bit depressed lately. I know major mood change but (ahem) *mother nature*. But yeah, no one really ever reads my stuff anyways but I've been depressed since the starting of this year. I might have gotten it before and it suddenly hit me again. Like in grade 6 I was majorly depressed and was later introduced to cutting. No I didn't attempt it, I just started learning about it. And now I've been thinking about it lately but I'm too scared of doing it. I'm aware that it's wrong it's just that it has been crossing my mind. I'm getting paranoid that I can't rust anyone in my class or even at school. Long story short, I got in trouble for no apparent reason and then the assistant principal called our parents (I know I didn't mention I got in trouble with other people but ssshhh) and then my mom told me he said that I did something that caused the whole issue and I actually didn't. Alright, I know you're probably confused but here's the whole story.


My friend, let's call her Cassie, was making a resume for another friend of mine, let's call her Harmony, and I come up to Cassie and ask what she's doing and she explained to me what she was doing and then she shows me how she added the amount of implants Harmony had (she's too young to have implants, Cassie just made it up for fun) and I told Cassie how numbers for how many implants she had and the name of Harmony's crushes and that all I did. Cassie showed it to Harmony and asked permission if she could keep going and she said it was fine. I barely did anything. And then after spring break, we come back to school and Cassie still has the piece of paper. Then Cassie shows Harmony and a guy in our class, guess we will call him jerk bum, steals it from Harmony and Harmony kicks Jerk Bum in the sack and is sent to the office (that's what I heard at least. I was in the washroom when this happened.) Later, me and Cassie were called to the office and then there I am, sitting in detention. Mom gets a call from the office and principal says I had the idea of showing the guy THE STINKING PAPER! LIAR ALERT! LIAR ALERT! I WASN'T EVEN THERE WHEN HARMONY KICKED JERK BUM IN THE SACK! Goodness, if you were a principal you shouldn't be lying. Thank you very much. Yeah, still angry about it.


I hate when people lie as you can see in my rant. I'm just done with shit.

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