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I'm entering in the Dear Diary... Movella's competition. I'm very new to Movella but since I am a writer I though why not join.


2. Dear Diary || t w o

Dear Diary,

Today has been, well, pretty stressful. My best friend (actually bffl) is always calling me selfish but doesn't notice she's selfish as well.

Which annoys me so much. She always wants things her ways and never wants it to at least be my way for a bit. And lately I've been doubting our relationship. I don't know if this friendship will work or not if we are gonna keep on fighting. But I need her. I don't know what to do at all. She always tries her best to get what she wants and I don't like this side of her. I want the old best friend I knew. I want her back:(

But aside from that, thee was a little science quiz today. Could've done better too though. I got a 13/16 but it's better than nothing. During language arts today (aka English), we had to do a group project about prejudice and stereotypes. My group just doesn't know how to cooperate. My "best friend" is in my group and then I'm surrounded by selfish boys. Like can I please get into a different group?

During lunch, we practised doing alto for O Canada again and then there was gym. Oh goodness, gym. It was boring because all we did was volleyball skill testing and then played one game of volleyball. It wasn't fun at all but yet, you don't expect gym to be fun. After gym was language arts again.

And then was options. I was in com tech for today's options. Just the usual happened for com tech today: listen to music, plan stop motion. Tomorrow is the field trip for going to the art gallery because outdoor Ed people are out for a camping trip. It's gonna be interesting but it's fine.

I just got home, tired, stressed and bummed out. But that will all go away in the morning, right?

~ Abbz

October 2

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