Dear Diary... || QueenABBZ

I'm entering in the Dear Diary... Movella's competition. I'm very new to Movella but since I am a writer I though why not join.


1. Dear Diary || o n e

Dear Diary,

Today was pretty okay. Although it wasn't the best, it was pretty decent. Not much happened at school either. Just the usual: screaming, gossip, friends, school work, homework, assignments, all that stuff.

Today me and some other people that joined for worship starts practising some harmony for O Canada. It was interesting and I think I forget how it goes. Well oops. We practised that during lunch and then after that was break. During break, I just went to the library and tried to do some math homework. It was pretty easy to be honest. After break was health.

Health is the most boring thing on earth like why the hell do we have to learn health? All we do in health is learn how to negotiate with different people when in different situations. But there will be more so why should I complain? After health, there is flex.

If you don't know what flex is, it's where you choose a course to learn more about what you want to learn or sometimes I do flex to get more service hours. It's hard to explain since I live I Canada and I'm in junior high.

Anyways, for flex I did extra art time so that I could start to do my face portrait of Kendall Jenner. After that, I had (options) art so I just carried on with the face. I'm not a professional artist so it will take a while for me to get the face right.

After art, it was the end of the school day (finally) and I just packed my Science so I could study for tomorrow's quiz. Me and my younger sister get a drive home from my dad and I go to my fridge to find food. I then realize I forgot my Social notes to write about what humanism is. Ugh. I'm probably gonna fail Social (aka history) because I absolutely suck at it.

I just forget about it and carry on. After I ate a snack, I watched some tv and studied my notes for the quiz. My dad cooks dinner and me and my sister eat. After we finish eating, I watch tv and study again until my mom comes home. I then go upstairs to get ready to sleep.

As I lay in bed, I watch some YouTube videos about Cameron Dallas (my love/babe. Jk I'm ugly af he'll never love me) I see people talk about movellas in the comments and check it out.

I can write here? Okay! I think to myself. So I got it because I thought it'd be nice to write some fan fics. And that's how I got here.

It's nice writing on here. I'll probably give more details tomorrow. It's 12:05 am now. Night. Or morning. Whatever. Bye!

~ Abbz (my nickname)

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