Letters to the Bully

You burned me, you beat me, and you didn't care about me. I was the victim and you the bully, and now I'm dead. These are letters to you, that I wish you to read, and maybe someday, you'll see the real part of what you've done.


8. May 7, 2015

Dear Bully,

Finally, freedom.  I can finally go.  I know that I can't stop you, but you can always stop yourself, and that's the only way that you will be able to heal yourself.  To make someone else happy is to make yourself happy too.  I can't do anything more then tell you that no one can heal you.  You're in a dark abyss that you can't get out of, but I'll tell you this again.  There will always be a light in even the darkest of places.  Even when you don't believe that there will be.  There always is.  You may say that there is a light for me, or maybe you don't care, but you should know that I've given up on that light ever finding it's way back.  But I've seen the way that you look at some people, and I now for a fact that you're going to do great things, but first you have to learn that you are going to do good things as well.  Believe in yourself.  Don't feel bad about what you've done, go forth and see that you'll do well.

I see you, and I forgive you, but I can't stay, for I am tired of this life.  I'll see you again, someday, in another world, another time, when there's only peace and serenity.



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